Weekly Summary 9.

Finally, week 9 had ended. This week was end of the radio but beginning of the video. I had really fun to listen to the radio show. I participated on live twitter for one of the radio shows called ‘ Inside Talking.’ The reason I participated was the rememberable logo that one of the member posted few weeks ago. When I saw that logo, it made to listen to that radio show so I was waiting for it.
On Tuesday, our radio show ‘Vixen’s Ventures’ was on. I was embraced and nervous to hear my voice over the radio. But it was better than I thought and I really enjoyed. Hearing a radio show that I already know the story line was pretty great¬†experience.

Starting Video week, the most I afraid about. The programs that I have to use were all knew so I had to put some time to figure out. First application that I used was Vine on the smart phone. I did two assignments that were had to do with Vine. Also those were related to my character. It takes only 7 seconds of video, so when I was creating video, I had to be more thoughtful and simplified what I really want to put in the video. The tutorial for the application from the internet was really helpful and easy to follow along. After that, I had to create a video essay for the filmmaking. That assignment was really painful. To complete this assignment, I had to learn how to use iMovie program which was downloaded on my computer. It was my first time using it so I had really hard time for figuring out. The tutorial was really helpful but editing the film and the recording my voice top of the scene were really hard and took long time to put whole thing together. After about 5 hours, I was completely done. I was really proud of myself.

This week assignments:

Daily creates

Radio show:

Radio show Listen Along II

Radio show Listening Reflection

Radio show Final Reflection


Video Essay

Video Assignments:

Name that Book

Vine It

What’s your Skills?


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