Week Seven Summary

Week seven is done! I really enjoyed this week with creating radio show! I can’t wait to hear what other people’s think about our radio show and what they have done! It took several hours to edit the radio and put the bumper, commercial, and others, but it was great experiment to develop the skill and learn new things.
Because we have to complete the radio show, there wasn’t lots of assignments. Only three daily creates to complete.

First assignment I did was creating a story with 5 selected emojis. I thought that I have to use the emojis in order so I used in order those were lined up. The story I came up with was kind of daily life (going to library and cafe) so it seems so stale story, but I spent long time to create this story. I enjoyed making the story. Creating a story with emojis that I use almost everyday was clever idea.

Second daily create was creating Deep Space 106.┬áLast assignments was creating a poster using teal blue and orange. I really loved those two assignments. I think I’m visual person so I enjoy creating pictures. So I was glad that we had two visual related assignments.

Radio show progress! Everything flew smoothly, and had nothing interrupted our radio! Since we had been using Audacity for a long time, editing the recording voice and putting commercials, bumper, and sound effects were kind of easy but took long time. But it was great experiment and seeing classmates were exited. I can’t wait to hear other classmates’s radio show.

These are I commented on other peoples’ daily creates for this week. It was really fun to watch the assignments that I did not do and seeing what they’ve done.












Week eight: SPRING BREAK!!

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