Week Eight Summary

Right after break, I had so many things to do for other classes, so I started the assignments late. I did some daily creates and listened to the radio show on Monday, but I did not write the post about the radio show right away, so I could not remember about the radio shows in detailed. But they did really great job on making commercials and using sounds so effectively, I still remember some of them. Also, I listened to the last radio for this week, which was “The Noir Buzz” but I did not participated on live twitter. I just wanted to focus on the radio show. I missed first part of the radio show, but I still can listen along the rest of it. I was really shocked about how they did professionally with creating the radio show. Their acting was really good and the use of the background musics were mixed well with the conversation so I could feel how actors were. I can’t wait to hear rest of the radio shows for next week.

Most of the assignments were related to the noir character. Among the three assignments that I did from Assignment Bank, I did one assignment about Delia who were created by Lesya Melnychenko. The reason I chose her was that her characteristics were kind of similar to John Brown. Also, I liked that she is a femme fatale! :) I think femme fatales are attractive. The outcome of the photoshop was pretty good. I really enjoyed creating it.

I did rest of two assignments related to John Brown. I created a reading poster and changed his photo into comic book style. It was kind of odd of creating a reading poster with John Brown, because that I described him that he does not like to read but create a reading poster using him as a model was kind of weird. However, he became a lawyer by studying hard and reading many books he could. I used his motto ‘if it is unavoidable, enjoy it’ and put it in the reading poster, so it would might changed viewers who do not like to read.¬†

Beside commenting on others’ posts, I have to write a posts that inspired me. There were so many good posts, most of them were the ideas that I never thought of. As I looked through the posts, I kept thinking that they are so professional and think outside of box. Sometimes I have no idea how to start the assignments, I looked through how others did and do almost exact format. But I should try to think differently and unique so I can come up with the ideas that other did not think of.

– http://inspire.ds106.us/the-ultimate-merger/

Inspired Me I
Inspired Me II
Inspired Me III
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Collaborative Character Media Assignments:

Change of Scenery

Create a Read Poster

Cartoon John Brown

DS106 Radio Show:

DS106 Radio Listen Along 

DS106 Radio Show Reflection

Daily Creates:

Daily Creates, Week Eight













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