Week 11: Weekly Summary

This week was pretty awesome! I enjoyed creating new blog for the agency and the assignments were pretty fun to do.

When I was creating new website for the agency, I was little bit confused about the creating subdomain. Therefore, I went to ITCC to get help with it. I was really easier than I thought. After I creating new subdomain address, only thing I had to do was re-installing WordPress.

Among the four web assignments those were recommended, I chose to do Character Resume and You’re Pinteresting Character. I never used Pinterest before, but it was easy to create a new account and pin what my character might likes. Creating resume was kind of difficult. It was been so long time I wrote the resume, so I had to search for sample of the resume. After I got some sample, everything was great.

I’m kind of worry about the next few week assignments. Since I’m working by myself of creating agency, it might be really hard. But I hope everything would be fine.


Agency website:

JBrown’s Law Agency


10 stars of Assignments:

Character Resume

You’re Pinteresting Character

John Brown’s Business Card

Design to Shock 


Daily Creates













2 thoughts on “Week 11: Weekly Summary

  1. Thanks for dropping the knowledge on creating the subdomain! I have had some trouble with mine so this will definitely be a big help! Good work this week!

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