Week 10: Weekly Summary

Finally, video week is over. This week was much easier and doable than last week but still, making and editing video are hard. But as I worked with iMovie, I became expert with it. If I did not take this class, I would never open iMovie and never used it.
One of the assignments that I really enjoyed was creating an interview show. This assignment was seem so hard so I left it to last but when I was doing it, it was easier and funnier than I thought. Putting questions video and answers did not take long time, but thinking the answers was take some time, because I had to think my character’s point of view.
But 15 points of video assignments were too much so complete all the assignments took me a while. Also, all the assignments were had to related with the character so thinking of how I am going to relate it took me a while.

Video Assignments:

5 Seconds of Fame

Inanimate Motion

This is John’s Story

Play It Backward

A Word… A Picture… A Story

Where Do You Want To Go? 


John Brown: Interview


Week 10: Daily Creates


Organizing the Final Unit 














I really enjoyed with creating video and kind of happy with ending of video week. But I’m scared of next week.. What assignments are waiting for me..

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  1. Gyeore, I love the new layout and design of your site! The light blue and bright red compliment each other so nicely, and this font is so fun! I love seeing it travel across my page as I type! How did you go about making these changes?!

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