Sixth Week Summary

Already week six?! The week that I most afraid of had come. I’m not good at making audio sounds and not enjoy recording my voice, but creating a radio show? I already stressed out. The assignments that we have to complete were seem little compare to past weeks. But radio show was waiting for me.

On Monday, I listened to ds106 radio show and got along on Twitter. Radio was about ‘Strangers on a Train’ by Alfred Hitchcock. I really enjoyed this show. The one thing I was kind of disappointed by that there weren’t lots of participants on Twitter so whenever I missed the conversations, I just missed it because no one is writing down. So I googled for script and get the idea what was going on.
<ds106 radio Reflection>

On Tuesday, I searched for group for a radio show. It was not difficult to find the group members because my roommate introduced me her friend Amy Elizabeth who is taking this course so I asked her for permission to get into her group. She and her group members said okay to join the group and became group called ‘The Alpacas.’

On Wednesday, I started to do my personal assignments, the audio assignments from Assignment Bank. I chose three assignments: Your Theme Song, Spooky Sounds, and Familiar Sounds. 
I had hard time complete the two assignments; creating theme song and spooky sounds. Instead of using Audacity, I used Logic Pro X program and use some loops. There were lots of sounds for me to use it but I could not start. I had no idea what I want to create and which sounds should I use. So I just played almost every sounds and then got some ideas from the sound. So the process was inverse; listen to sounds first and get the idea.
Your Theme Song assignment, I related to my noir character’s personality. I tried to make a song that would represent his loneliness in his deep inside of mind. I think the final was better than I expected. After I uploaded, I was able to figure out that the flow is a bit off from the comments. Later when I have to create a song I would be more careful and make flow to be more natural.
Spooky Sounds!!! Most difficult assignment I ever had! I took so long to complete about one minute song. I used also Logic Pro X for this assignment. It was same process as creating theme song; listen first then get the idea. I set the background music first then place the sounds. I tried to use many different sounds I can because individual people have different hearing point where they get scared. For few weeks before, on Audio week, I create an emotional song that represent happiness. On that, I used a child giggling sound. But in the other hand, when you hear giggling sound in the dark or scary movie, it chills your spine. So I put it at the end.
Most easy and enjoyable assignment, recording familiar sounds. I also related this to my character. I recorded the sounds of daily morning life, walking into kitchen, progress of making coffee and search for food to eat. The recorded sound was pretty clear. It was really interest to hear the sounds that I make everyday.

Personal assignments are done. I started to working on the radio show. I made a logo for ds106 radio by using Adobe Photoshop. Whenever I look the the logos, they are very simple but capture my eyes so I can remember it easy. So I tried to make it simple as I can but represent the radio. I think the the outcome was pretty good and I liked it! :)
<Radio Show Promo>

On Saturday, my group members got along together and share the ideas for radio show. Each individual had really great ideas and well structured plot so it was not that hard to brainstorming. During first meeting, we came up with the plot and role for each one. The story was based on the characters and concepts of noir. I think that the result of radio show would be really great! I am really looking forward to hear our radio show!
<Radio Show Progress>

Since from first week to last week, the assignments were so many, I did not have time to enjoy others works. But this week, I had few minutes to look at what other people had done and make comments on them. Also, many people commented on my posts and critiqued it, I was able to see the thing I should change to make it better.
Here are the comments I made:


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