Last Weekly Summary

It will be last weekly summary for Noir106. It was really wonderful to have this class. Even though there were lots of assignments to do but they were really fun to do and workable assignments. For last two weeks, I had worked on new case, which was Finding Noircat. I uploaded four status for this case. Since I had worked on another case, From Russia with Love, it was much easier than before. I really enjoyed to making up my own story based on given evidences.

New Case: Where is Noircat?

Where are you going Noircat?

About Noircat


I also uploaded to JBrown’s Law Agency website.

After that, I came up with two ideas for daily creates, and two ideas for assignment bank. I enjoyed with working with visual assignments, so most of ideas that I came up with were related to photoshop.

First Daily Create Idea

Second Daily Create Idea

First Assignment Idea

Second Assignment Idea 

Lastly, I made tutorial for the applications that I had been used to complete assignments. I made tutorial for Adobe Photoshop and Audacity.

Tutorial: Photoshop

Tutorial: Audacity 


It was really fun to complete different assignments and I had learned a lot about Noir and other programs that I never used before. I would probably regret if I did not take this class! I’m so glad I took this class and finished it!

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