Fifth Week Summary

This week was FANTASTIC! I really loved doing all the assignments were given. I was interested in design (my minor is digital studies) but did not take any classes those are related to the design so I learned a lot this week. From completing DesignBlitz, I learned about concepts of design and how they effect the final product. It is important to know how to use each concept effectively and containing strong story or meaning behind it.

Completing DeignBlitz was harder than I thought. I had to research for some concepts to understand fully. I had to think about the concepts all the time to find the objects. Whenever I take the photos, I was not sure what I’m taking it. I had to think more and more before I upload it to my blog. I was really shocked that when Professor Groom mentioned me in twitter and said I really did great job on it.

The daily creates and design assignments were pretty easier than I thought and enjoyable. Before I choose what assignments I want to do for this week, everything seems to be really difficult. Also, one of the assignment had to be greater than 4 points, which is much difficult than other below 3 point. However, when I finally chose 4 assignments and started it, it was not that hard and really fun to do it. I really loved the assignments I chose. It was really fun to think and create new things and see the result made me proud.

Nothing did not drive me crazy. Every assignments were really fun and enjoyable. :)

This week assignments:

Reflection on The Vignelli Canon

Noir Film Design 

Complete a DesignBlitz

Daily Creates:

Creative Hands

Super Power

Internet Arcade Video

Design Assignments:

One Story/Four Icons (2 and 1/2 points)

The Ultimate Merger (4 and 1/2 points)

Advertisements Using A Cartoon Character (3 points)

You’re Invited! (3 points)

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