The Vignelli Canon

I really enjoyed the reading. Since I minor in Digital Studies, it was helpful for me to know some ideas about design. The design is visually powerful, designers cannot stand design that is weak in concept, form, color, or texture. I think Massimo Vignelli well explained that. There are many possibilities to get a powerful expression: difference of scale in the same page such as size of fonts or bold typed fonts, three dimensional design and using different textures and materials. I really agree with his thought. The statements that he made about this topic are what I use whenever I do art work. Those basic concepts are simple but have very strong effect to viewers to draw their eyes to the focal point.

He stated that to stick to one or two type sizes at the most, and if necessary, use other devices like bold, light, roman and italic to differentiate. I do not agree with this statement. The simple can be powerful and easy to understand author’s point, but I think it is necessary to let viewers to do work and figure it out in their own way. As they try to figure out it, time that they are staring at would be much longer and since they are think deeply it would be more impressed on viewer’s mind. Simple design, the viewers could just looked at it for a second because the purpose of the author is predictable.

This reading was really helpful for me to know the information about design, but some examples were outdated so I wish there were some more recent examples. But it was really useful time to know the concepts that I did not know before.

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