Reflect on Noir and Visual Storytelling

This week for cinematography assignment, I watched the movies Killer’s Kiss and The HitchHiker. 


When Davey Gordon and his competitor were gaming, the director used unusual camera angle to give viewers to see in first personal view point. When they got hit from each other camera was shaken and when he fell down from the punch, the camera showed the ceiling of the building. Because it’s show as first personal point of view, I was able to feel that I’m kind of involved in this game and I could more focus into the movie.



When Vincent Rapallo was in his room watching the boxing game on the TV, the “Venetian blind” effect was shown. Outside of his room, the party was going on. Through this scene, I could guess that he is interested in Gloria Price and he would probably see secretly through that blind what is going on outside of his office.



When Davey Gordon heard his neighbor Gloria Price is yelling and saw she is in danger from Vincent Rapallo, he jumped out of his bed and ran to her room. As this picture show, not only focus on Davey is running but use dramatic use of distinct shadow, the viewers can see that he is in hurry.



From movie The HitchHiker, I could see the lighting from one side. After two men picked up a hitchhiker named Emmentt Myers, and they figured out that he had already committed multiple murders but they could not do anything, because he has gun all the time. The lighting from one side effect strongly show the feeling of each characters. The two man in front of the car is in scared and Myers is in kind of hurry because the polices are looking for him and try to catch him.

Not only these elements were shown in two movies. The actors and setting are often given equal lighting emphasis so their faces is often blacked out by shadow and creates lots of shadows. Also, most of the actors almost every time they have a cigar in their hands. Killer’s Kiss often has a love of romantic narration of Davey voice. However, the most interesting camera angle of Killer’s Kiss was that it show the mirror so that viewers can see what is going on the back.


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