Radio Show Progress #2

After we had meet on Saturday, we decided to meet on this Thursday to record our voice. But campus was closed for snow day! I was so happy for cancellation of classes, but I worried for the recording because we was going to meet in ITCC. But luckily, ITCC was able to open with our ID card. So we meet in the ITCC and record our voiced based on the script that Lesya wrote. The story was perfect and funny. We used Audacity to keep track of our voice. We read script several time so we can get the voice that we like. After finishing recording, we decided to divide editing parts. Leanna and I are going to edit the recorded voice in order and Lesya is going to change pitch and get rid of the noisy sound. After that, Amy is going to put background music, bumper, and commercial! And after this all process, our radio show is complete!

Everything went pretty well, there was any problem or difficult thing that interrupt our radio show. I was really worried about this, but I was blessed with meeting Amy, Lesya and Leanna and becoming a group with them. I can’t wait to hear other group’s radio! I would be really fun! :)

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