Notorious: Video Essay

This is hardest and complicated essay ever!! I did not enjoyed or had fun with it. I was so stressed out while I was creating a video essay. After I read “How to read a Movie,” I watched three video, which were, ‘Tarantino’, ‘Examples of Editing Techniques,’ and ‘Camera Angles and Techniques.’ They were short but had really great explanations of each factor of the filmmaking.

To do this assignment, I had to downloaded some applications,such as 4K Video Downloader, Streamclip, and Perian. It was first time I was making video, so I watched tutorial and followed them. After I downloaded ‘Notorious’ movie from Youtube, using 4K Video Downloader, I opened with imovie and started editing. I cut most of the scenes out and did voiceover to complete this assignment.

This is the result of hard work.

It is not good compare to others’ but I put all of my effort to it, so I’m kind of satisfied with the outcome of this assignment.

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