Inspired Me I

The first assignment that inspired me was new logo combined with AT&T and T-Mobile by Brianne Comden. It was really well photoshopped photo. I never expected that two companies could be join together. When I see this merged logo first time, I could not able to the difference between this logo and the original AT&T logo. My favorite assignments are design and visual, which involve photoshop. Sometimes the outcomes of mine can tell that it photoshopped but this one, I really could not tell it was photoshopped. Later on, when I have to do other assignments that would involved with photoshop, I will try to do my best to combine or photoshop the original photos that the result would be more professional than before.


One thought on “Inspired Me I

  1. Hey gals, I haven’t visited in a while and just wenatd to say, besides Great post!, that I LOVE the new look of the blog! So much easier to read. XOXO

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