Inspired Me IV

When I hear the first ds106 radio show on Monday, the commercials were so great. One of the commercial I was shocked when I hear was an airline commercial. It was so great and real, the actual airline company could use it. I was looking through classmates’ posts, I found the commercial that I heard on Monday, when I was listening to House of Noir. It was Stardust Airline by┬áJanelle Diana Pierangelino. The voice of hers is well fitted in with the background and the choice of the background (orchestra and piano) was really great. Also, the script of the commercial was also great. She changed the tempo and the pitch by using Audacity so it can be more perfect radio commercial!

I always look through Diana’s blog. Her post is really interesting and she did really good job on every assignments. I can see that she put effort and time into every assignments. Sometimes I got some idea from her and started do assignments. Also, I took time for self-examination.

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