Inspired Me III

Sound, sound is really important in our life. Sometimes it can change our emotion and bring fear into us. The Spooky Hotel by Shannon Grubbs brought me fear in this morning. This was only a minute music, which combined with the sounds that makes me horripilate. She got all of five sounds from ‘free sound’ website, but the transition is really good, I thought it was one piece of the sound. Also, she put paused (no sound) between the sounds so the flow of the whole piece was very smooth. The choice of the sounds was really great too. When she began the sound, she stared with footsteps and them girl’s scream. It makes me to imagine what was happened, and since I don’t know anything about the behind the scene of the sounds, it makes me more scary. Whenever I have to do audio assignment, I would make listeners to work on to imagine the behind scene of the sound, just like Shannon did with hers.


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