DS106 Radio Reflection

I listened to ds106 radio on Monday, it was about ‘Stranger on a Train’ by Alfred Hitchcock. The story began with Haines meeting a stranger, Bruno on a train and planning perfect murders, Bruno is going to kill Haines’s wife, Miriam and Haines will kill Bruno’s father. It would be perfect murder because they have no identifiable motive for the crimes. And story goes on. I think since it was played on Monday, there weren’t many listeners who are participating in live-twitter so I was not able to read the sentences that I missed but in the other hand, I was able to focus more on to radio.

Here are what I wrote during ds106 radio was played:

There were many sound effects, among those I really liked the train sound and crying cricket sounds. Those seem real and fitted well into the plot and character’s conversations.

I really enjoyed this radio and one thing I learned from this story. “Don’t talk to strangers!”

3 thoughts on “DS106 Radio Reflection

  1. Thanks for sharing, I didn’t get a chance to listen in on this night and it’s cool to read about what was on! I like your tweets as well, they seem like a good balance of commenting on the plot as well as the stylistic choices. Keep up the good tweeting, I hope to see you around in the hashtag!

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