Copyright and Creative Commons

I was really surprised when I see the this assignment because I learned about copyright in Digital Approaches to Fine Arts class on Monday. However I still do not fully understand what is copyright law but I think that the purpose of this law is protecting creativeness of author. Since I’m taking most of my classes that need creativeness (Midi Composition, Digital Approaches to Fine Arts, and Digital Storytelling), I know how hard is it to making any kind of stuffs and how long it takes to come up with an idea and doing based on it. Using without permission would probably make me angry and especially when people make money from it. However, in the other hand, the original work would can be known to people if re-creating the original work become famous. It can be one of the method to make the piece to well known to people.

To avoid against law, it is really important to know what is fair use. Fair use allows people to use part or whole of copyrighted work without copyright holder’s permission. Based on this definition, it seems like all works can be used without holder’s permission; however very important facts to know is how court know if a use is fair. There were 4 points that the author pointed out in the article. In my opinion, the reason why the copyright holder’s and user are going court is mostly related to money, which categorized under purpose of use. And court ask “Will you make money from the new work, or is it intended for nonprofit, educational, or personal purpose?” Mostly noncommercial purposes is fair uses but commercial uses can be fair uses. However, giving credit and using right cited to work has to be done for appreciating other’s idea and time for creating the works.

The term “Creative Commons” is first time I heard. Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools. It provides simple, standardized way to give the public permission to share and use work under the conditions of creator’s choice. It also let creator to change the copyright terms from all rights reserved to some rights reserved.

Since we are living in Digital Age, it is really easy to find other people’s works on internet and use it and make some change into it. It was really helpful time to know about Copyright Law, Fair Use, and Creative Commons. I still do not know exactly, I think it would need more time to fully understand it.

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