Write an Alternative Ending: The Killers

Ole Andreson was just sitting on his bed and never leave his place. Nick and George went to his place and tried to meet and persuade him to get out of the town, but Ole refuse to meet them. Few weeks later, Nick and George moved out from the town. They did not hear about Ole Andreson. As time goes on, they forgot about two killers and Ole.

After Nick and George visited Ole’s house, Mrs. Bell went back from the market. Her face was pale and her body was shaking as reeds. She met Al and Max on the way back home.

“Hello, Mrs. Bell”  Al waved at her.

“Do you know Ole Andreson?”

“I do not know who he is.” Mrs. Bell knew by intuition that these men are dangerous people.

“By the way, who are you?”

“You don’t need to know who we are. You just need to answer our question honestly. And you do not ask any kind of questions. I’m asking you again. Do you know Ole Andreson?” Max said.

“I…. do not know him.”

” YOU ARE LYING!” Max aimed at Mrs. Bell with a gun.

Mrs. Bell got scared. She was so scared, she could not make any sound or move. She just stood there.

“I’m going to ask you again. Do you know Ole Andreson?” At this time Mrs. Bell heard the sound of preparing to squeeze the trigger.

“I…I know him! He lives at Hirsch’s rooming-house! He does not go outside, he just stay at home!” With quivering lips, Mrs. Bell told everything that she knows.

“Ha ha ha. Tell him that just waiting in the house to be killed. Do not go anywhere or leave the house. Just stay there and waiting us to come.” Al and Max walked up the dark street and disappeared. Mrs. Bell ploped down on the ground and fainted from fear.

After she got home, she just sat on the chair in the kitchen and tried to calm herself down.

“Are you okay Mrs. Bell?” Ole came down from his room and asked Mrs. Bell.

“Huh? Hello… No, no I’m okay. Nothing happened. Aren’t you hungry? I’ll make you support. Just wait a second.” She quickly stood up and went to the sink and prepared for dinner.

“Okay. You don’t need to hurry. I’m not that hungry.” Ole went out from the kitchen and went back to his room. While Mrs. Bell is making food, she could not stop shaking. She wanted to leave the room and never come back. ‘ Yes. This would be last day of coming to this house. I would be die when I meet those man again. The man was aiming the gun at me and tried to kill me if I keep telling him lie. I cannot come to this house and stay with Ole. The men saw my face, they know me.” The foods were ready. She got a rustle on, and leave the house and never came back. Few minute later, Ole went down and went to kitchen. He saw the memo that Mrs. Bell leaved.

‘Dear Mr. Andreson.

Hello, this would be first and last memo that I’m writing to you. I will not able to come back to this house. But before I leave, I think I need to tell you one thing. On the way back home. I met two men who are try to kill you. I mistakenly told where you live. I’m so sorry. They said that they will come to this house and kill you. You need to get out of that place and move to other town! Please be safe.

From Bell.’

Ole Andreson ripped the memo and sat on the chair and eat the foods that Mrs. Bell made.

As time goes on, he became gaunt, and waitng for Al and Max to come. But they never came. His anxiety led him to suffer from an illness of the mind. His illness dragged on and on till he finally passed away.


Postcards From the Past…


I’m relating this assignment to my character, John Brown.

This photo is from John Brown’s mother. This was taken when he was 14, when John and his mother were going to market to buy some food. She looked at this whenever she felt sorry for his son and miss him. She knew that he has wounded heart from people especially from family. The reason for her remarriage was she wanted make him to live in better conditions. But she did not know that he was happier when he was living with her and father (not stepfather). This picture is the only one that she has, so she always look his back not face. She is waiting for call from John Brown and she miss him a lot. Of course John Brown is her son but she knows he would not call her or visit her to see. The only thing she can do is just waiting and see his back in the picture.

It was interesting assignment, which need creativeness. I am not that creative person but had lots of fun with this assignment. I related this assignment to my chatacter John Brown, also his mom. I tried to show that his mom felt sorry for her son, John Brown but never express her feeling to anyone. She wants to talk and laugh with John but she can’t. She knows John has wounded heart from her. But she really wants John to know that she loves him.

Postcards from the past (4 and 1/2 points)




Best Assignment!

Even though it is only second week of the class, I had really interesting assignments so far. Among those assingments, I really loved the daily create. I completed three : A Cat. On Syntesizers. In Space, You? Yodel? Yep!, and the Eye Selfie. From those, I really like You? Yodel? Yep! I never sing any kind of yodel, so I was kind of shy when I did this assignment. So I sang for five times to do this assignment. And I mad my friend to here it, she laughed and she asked me to send the file to her so she can hear it whenever she is depressed. It was the one of the assignment that I would never forget and would make me laugh whenever I think about it. I really enjoyed this assignment and fun to do it!

 Best Assignment (2 points)

10 Seconds of Thanks

10 Seconds of thanks.

I’m thankful for my family.

I’m thankful for my friends.

I’m thankful for health (including people around me).


I thouhght that I 10 would be long enough to think about what I am thankful for but 10 seconds were so short to write. While I’m doing this, I thought that I should take somw time and think about gratefulness and I should stop dissatisfy with small things, such as foods and clothes. There are lotsnof people who do not have those small things and they suffer from hunger and cold. Since I have clothes those are protect from cold and food to make me full, do not need to worry about those small things. It’s a trifle so you do not thankfu’ for it, but if you don’t have it, you know how grateful to have it.

It was only 2 and 1/2 points but it worth it moret han that.