A Word… A Picture… A Story

For this assignment called A Word… A Picture… A Story (3 points) I had to make a story using randomly chosen words. And then, look up a related pictures from Google and put those together into a video.
The words that I chose were:

  1. Brown
  2. love
  3. teeth
  4. sweet
  5. candies
  6. chocolates
  7. gloom
  8. sunny
  9. has
  10. make
  11. to

To make a story, I had to choose some verbs and preposition, so choices of words exceed 10.

The story that I made with these words is ‘Brown has sweet teeth, love(s) chocolate, candies (and) chocolates make gloom to sunny’
As you know, sugar makes people hyper and happy. Since he is always by himself and has no one to talk about his worry and emotions, he started to eat sugary food. After he experienced that his feeling gets better and depression is gone whenever he eats sugar, he could not stop eating sweets. He rely on sweets too much. As result, whenever he is stressful, he eats tones of candies and chocolates. With this eating habits, I’m kind of worry about his health.