Where Do You Want To Go?

All of this week video assignments, they are have to related to my noir character, also I have to complete about 15 points from Assignment Bank. First assignment I chose was Where Do You Want To Go?  (3 points). For this assignment, I was asked to create a video of place where I really want to traveling or often think about where I would go if I had all the money in the world. Since the assignment was related to John Brown, I thought on his point of view and realized that he does not like where there are crowed people and noisy place. From some research of states of America, I found a state called Idaho.

Idaho located in the northwestern region and it is the 14th largest state of United States. This state sometimes called as “Potato States” owing to its popular and widely distributed crop.

As I looked up the photos from google, I found out that they have really pretty natural environment and quiet village so it would be really great to relax and escape from busy daily life. So if I were John Brown, I definitely would like to travel to Idaho and get some fresh air from the nature.

To create this video, I found all the photos from google, and put those together by using iMovie. As I looked through these photos, Idaho became one of the places where I want to visit. It is now on my traveling places list! :)