What’s your Skills?

This week is beginning of video assignments. I was really worried about it. I never used or had done any video works for school works nor personally. There were two options that I can choose. First choice was doing assignments from Assignment Bank for 8 points and at least 4 points have to related to my character.

This assignment is not related to my character, this is about me. ‘What’s your Skills?‘ (3 and 1/2 points) was to take a video of something that I can do. It can be either that I enjoy, have a passion for, or even a crazy talent that I think no one else can do. I decided to take a video that I enjoy, which was playing clarinet.

I started to play clarinet when I was in 6th grade, but I quite after I graduated middle school. I haven’t been played for about 7 years; however I started to play clarinet this semester because I really want to join in orchestra. The reason that I wanted to play again was I went to the UMW orchestra concert (it was combined with string instruments and wind instruments) and I was addicted to the attractive sound of clarinet. And now, I’m taking privet lesson so I can join in to the orchestra for Fall semester of 2015.

I took video with my phone while I was practicing and then upload it to youtube.

After I uploaded this, it seems to be kind of boring so I added different clarinet music so it looks like I’m playing it.

The fingering is kind of unmatched but I pretty proud of this video.

I never recorded myself while playing clarinet but it was really great experiment and had fun with it.