Radio Show Progress

This week and next week, we have to create a radio show for ds106 radio. This week is to form a group and plan for it. To find a group member, I went on Twitter and searching for a group to join in. remembered that my roommate told me that her friend, Amy Elizabeth is taking this course, too, so I asked her for join in her group. Thankfully, Amy and group members, Leanna Epps and Lesya Melnychenko led me get into group and now I’m part of the group called ‘The Alpacas.’ Before we meet, we communicate on Twitter and share the ideas that we have and some promo that we should include. After we shared basic idea we tried to find the best time to meet and talk about details, like plot, script, sounds, commercials, etc. Then we decided to meet on Saturday afternoon. During the meeting, we used gmail ‘Invitation to edit’ to share and write together on the same page, so everyone has same informations. Our focus was on the noir characters and create the story based on the informations about them. After we completed the plot, we divided the role. Lesya has most of the idea for plot and Amy is good at writing so they are going to write a script for radio show. Leanna and I got to choose dramatic background musics and make commercials. To create the music, we are going to use Audacity since we have been using it for couple of weeks and choose musics mostly from ‘free sound’ or youtube. Since we just gather some ideas, everything went smoothly and had nothing difficult. But I’m kind of worry about next week. We have to record and edit it so difficult parts have not come yet. Hopefully everything would go smoothly as this week.