DS106 Radio Show Reflection II

On Tuesday, I listed to the ds106 radio show called ‘Get a Clue.’ The radio show poster I saw weeks ago was so affective so I still remember and really wanted to listen to the show. The format of the show was really unique and professional. It was a flashback format┬áso the listeners were able to hear each character’s perspective. And one thing I really liked was each character had different background music for their monologue, which helped me to differentiate. Beside the different music background for each character, they have really effective sound effects which can grab listeners’ attentions and make the story line to be more dramatic.

During the break, they had unique bumper, which was an acapella radio bumper. Among the radio show I listened before, it was first time that I hear this style of the bumper. The music was soft and calm but the effectiveness was really strong and made me to concentrate to rest of the show.

It was really great experience to hear how other classmates did and what they did. These days, I kept thinking that I am stereotyped, but need to get out of the box the think bigger, deeper and different. By listening to others’ works and receiving various ideas, it would help me to break my own frame. Even though the ds106 radio ends this Thursday, I will keep looking classmates’ posts and make my thoughts wide and deep.

DS106 Radio Show Reflection

First radio show I listened was House of Noir on Monday. Since it was right after Spring Break, I could not concentrate to any other class. I turned on ds106 radio at 9 o’clock and tried to concentrate to the radio show. To be honest, I do not remember exact story of the radio show, but I definitely remember the commercials they put into the radio. The first commercial was airlines commercial. The background of the commercial and the voice of the maker mixed well. Also they put heartbeats sound as background so listeners made nervous. They used effective background sounds so they can make listeners to be more focus on the radio show and gave strong emotion through the sounds they put in as background. Lastly, I was really shocked about they put the phone numbers into a commercial. I’m pretty sure it is a fake numbers, but I never thought about putting phone number when I was making my commercial.

I’m kind of sensitive to the sounds, so I still remember some of the sounds from House of Noir. They were success with using sound effects.