New Case: Where is Noircat?

After I came back from Los Angeles, I got a case about Noircat. Where did he go? What happened to him? Got lots to figure out.

The first evidence that I got was a video that Groom is asking his dog to tell hime about what his dog did to Noircat. But there wasn’t enough information that I can figure out Noircat’s position. But so weird, why the Noircat Tracking app is not working? And why is all the Noircat disappeared on the birthday cards?

Later on I gat a photo of Noircat, who was standing in front of UMW’s ITCC!

Photo-Oct-16-1-25-57-PM1 copy


But he could not get in to it to meet Martha Brutis or Maggie Black. So he tried to get back to home but he got lost or someone thought he was a alley cat so he/she took him to his/her house.

Hopefully, I will get more information about him.

JBrown’s Law Agency: New Case: Where is Noircat? 

Week 13: Weekly Summary

End of 13 week! It was really fun to gathering all the evidences to solve a mysterious case, which was From Russia with Love for me. Since I was working by myself, there were lots of things to complete this two weeks assignment. The primary media that I used was photoshop. The letters and the pictures that I posted was created with the Adobe Photoshop. And then I used audacity to create a telephone call sound and other programs to create a gif. file. I was going to upload some video on to youtube, but I do not know why, it kept failing to upload it.

But I satisfied with what I have done to figure out the case. Here are posts that I uploaded whenever I found the evidences.

Third Status of the Case.

Telephone Message

Letters from Man

Misha’s Diary

Fourth Status of the Case.


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I uploaded on twitter of my status:



I cannot believe that this will be second to the last weekly summary.


Fourth Status of the Case.

I looked through Misha’s diary, I found a note that was inserted in the diary.


What is this? Why is it in Russian? I converted to English and it was “The beacon does not shine on its own base.” I searched for this sentence, and it was Korean proverb. Why did you put it in there and send it to me? What is the reason?

Few minutes later, one thought was flashed in my head.

Why didn’t I think of that when I first received the letter from the man. He was watching me going to his house. He was near by that house!

I drove back to his house and went in. There’s might a secret room that I did not find. So I push wall and bookshelves as I saw on the mystery movies.

secret-staircase-bookshelf copy

Found it. Why didn’t I think of that when I came here. So, I went down, quietly and look for Groom. He was there. He was tied up tight on the chair. I untied him and looked for man.

“He went out. I don’t know where he went.” Groom said to me.
“Okay, then let’s go to my car. I would be safer than here.”

Groom and I went back quickly and drove fast I can to my place.

Later on, I figured out that Misha found her brother and stopped him. She forgave Groom, she does not want Groom to get hurt.

I don’t get why she forgave him. Her heart was wounded because of him. She wasn’t able to live her daily life. But Abigail told me that she loved Groom truly with all of her heart. True love.. What is that feeling?

JBrown’s Law Agency: Fourth Status of the Case.

Misha’s Diary.

Got Misha’s Diary!



Through this dairy, I finally figured out the reason for attack. It was Groom broke up with Misha. Hopefully, I can find Groom as soon as possible.

One good news is that I reached Bond. Luckily he did not get hurt or anything. I asked for him to contact him every hour. I hired a bodyguard just in case.

p.s.: Do you want to see the inside of Misha’s Diary? Click the Diary picture. It’s a gif. file!

JBrown’s Law Agency: Misha’s Diary. 


Letters from Man.

After I went to mysterious man’s house. I got a letter from him. I thought it was not a serious problem so I just ignored it. But when I went to his house for second time to find more evidences, I got a letter again.

crumpled-paper copy

This is a first letter.

Hi_Res_Lined_Paper_Texture_by_merileekitty copy

And the letter I got for second time.

One thing weird about these two letters are that he put some sentences in Russian. So I translated into English.

The first letter was “Once noircat runs, you cannot catch it.”

Russian in second letter was “You started a game, so let’s begin to play.”

The sentence that offended me was “You should look for Bond. Next target is him.” I do not know what it’s his plan. Is he trying to attack Bond, too? He was asking for Bond on the video that I saw for first time. I have no time. I should look for him, as well as Groom.

JBrown’s Law Agency: Letters from Man.

Telephone Message

I went back to Misha’s house to find the evidence I might missed. When I looked around the living room, I found that there was one message that was saved. So I listened to it.

This evidence tell two things. The first thing is the relationship between Misha and a man. They are sibling. The letter I found yesterday was also told me it too, but I think this is more clear evidence. The second thing is that the reason for attacking Groom. It was for his sister, Misha. I’m thinking that Groom gave wound to Misha. So her brother, a mysterious man got mad about it. I will look for more evidences to get more specific reasons for this attack.


JBrown’s Law Agency: Telephone Message

Third Status of the Case.

It’s been three days when I updated the second status of the case, From Russia with Love. Those three days, I was focusing on the relationship between Misha and the mysterious man. Also, I found Misha’s house so I went there. When I was there with my personal assistance, Abigail Clancy found an evidence that would show the relationship between them.

Untitled-1  16687042410_9eda453710_o

It was a letter from the Misha to his brother. I think that the letter could not be send it because it was after the mysterious man already attacked Groom. After she heard it, she sent a letter and a postcard to Groom and did not come back home. Since she did not come back, I assume that she is with her brother. I could find the common word on the letter and this letter, Bo. I think that Bo is nickname for Groom which she uses to call him.

With this evidence, I will be able to solve this case as if I were putting together the pieces of a puzzle. I will need more evidence for solid outcome, but I got the basic story line of this case.

JBrown’s Law Agency: Third Status of the Case. 

Week 12: Weekly Summary

Finding evidences week had started. It would be difficult but be fun experience. When I had to open the website for the agency, I had little bit hard time to figure out creating subdomain so I went to ITCC and got some help about it. After that, I created JBrown’s Law Agency webpage. The case I got was From Russia with Love.

I updated two status. The first status was thought about the letters those were given from the client. I was curious about the Russian on the letters so I translated but I do not get why the writers wrote in Russian. It does not match with the sentences before and after.

The second status I updated was the evidences I found. It was the CCTV scenes I found in San Francisco International Airport.

I do not know how I am going to progress the story but I hope the outcome would be find

I also update the blog on Twitter:

I retweeted it.



Second Status of the Case.

Wow. Time flies like an arrow. It was really difficult case, so I did not find much of the evidence. I was just sit in my office and tried to find more evidences and figure out the questions that I had for this case. But I got non of the answers for those. So I just bought the ticket to California with no idea. On Friday, I was headed to California from Miami. When I was getting into airplane, I trembled at the idea that came to me. I figured out where should I start! Where is the place you must went through when you arrived at new State? AIRPORT (if you took airport.) I searched for all the lists of the airports in California, but there were too much. I would not able to solve this mysterious case.

So, as soon as I arrived the airport, I contacted with the client to ask about the airport that Groom arrived. San Francisco International Airport. Luckily, I was at the San Francisco International Airport. I met the interested persons in the airport systems so I can get the permission for looking CCTVs.

They allowed me to look through all the CCTVs from the day when Groom arrived. And. I found interesting things.


Can you see the mysterious man at the bottom of the photo from the CCTV? I was right! He went through this airport to get to the place where Groom was!

After I found this photo, I thought I found the clue of the case. However, I was shocked by the photo that Abigail sent me.

SFOprev2 copy


What is this? Groom and the man was together at the same gate waiting for the airplane? What is going on? The case went back to beginning.


You can also find this status on my agency website: JBrown’s Law Agency

First Status of the Case.

Two days after I opened the my agency (JBrown’s Law Agency), I got a mystery case. I never had this kind of case. But as I looked through the evidences, I found the several commend things.

First, every photos those were given, there are Groom and the mysterious man. Based on the simple fact, I could conclude that they seems to be well know each other. Or, in the other hand, Groom was threaten for long time.

Second, the two letters those were provided, there are Russian. It seems so awkward to put Russian in the middle of the letters. Why did Misha write Russian and English together? What is she trying to tell? One thing I am sure about is the sentences those were written in Russian are important and key point of the letters. That’s why she wrote it in Russian so no one would figure out.
Розы красные, Noircat черный” It’s from the first postcard that I received. Since I could not read Russian, I translate it into English. “Roses are red, Noircat is black” Is this code? It makes me more confuse.
The letter that Misha wrote to Bo, there was Russian, too. “Человек ушел. Я обещаю вам это. Его вещи ушли , тоже, и он никогда не вернется .” I also translated. “The man was gone. I promise you that. His stuff is gone, too, and he will never return.” Who is he? Where did he go?

After I received the case, I got so many questions and no answer to it. Who is the man attacked Groom in Los Angeles? What is connection between Groom and the man? Why is he asking about Bond? From now on, I got so many works to do. It would be really busy day.

I did some photoshop with the provided evidence, so it would be much easier to see those later on.


Original evidences:

russian_valentine  letter



russian_valentine  letter