Radio Show Final Reflection

It was one of great but difficult projects for this week. Out “Vixen’s Ventures” radio show was on the air on Tuesday. I was kind of embarrassed to hear my voice but it was fun and rememberable experience. While I hear the radio show, one thing I really did not like was the acting voice of mine. Since I heard others’ their the acting seems really great and sometimes I felt like they were real actors/actresses. So I if I had a one more chance, I would practice the script more to reduce the awkwardness of my voice.

Also, I really liked that I can see the others’ thoughts lively on twitter. Before Tuesday, I was the one who commenting on others’ works but reversing experience was the experience that I never had before. As I do this project, I really enjoyed creating a factors of the radio show, such as bumper, commercial, and logo. I really enjoy listening to radio show, but I never thought of each factor carefully. To create only 20 minutes radio show, each factor could not be missed and the story could not be stopped it had to be flow smoothly. It was really enjoyable to go through the process of putting individual factor together to create a whole show. Combining parts together create the whole.

It was really enjoyable process but difficult process too. I edited Act I and II. To edit this parts, I used Audacity. Since our team members met together and went through whole script together, I had to delete the mistakes and the several takes that we had gone to make choice to choose. I thought it would takes less than an hour, but it took be quite while. But the good thing was that I’ve been using Audacity for a long time, so there wasn’t any obstacle while I was going through.

The advices that I would give to future ds106 students are that if you practice a script several times, you would be a great actor/actress so your radio show would be much professional.  Also, the background music and the sound effects would grab listeners’ attentions so choose a effective music. And put some time, longer you put time into would make a better radio show but it would not be painful, it would be great, fun, and interesting experience you never had before.