One Story/Four Icons

This assignment (2 and 1/2 points) was creating a story using four icons so viewers can guess what story is about. But I decided that I want to relate this assignment to my noir character so I made his biography using four icons.

one story, four icons

I found these icon from The Noun Project . So This is how it goes. First icon explain that after divorced John Brown’s parents, his mother remarried with a new rich guy, Mark. Mark is really nice guy but when he is drunk, he gets really violent. John Brown suffered from domestic violence and he closed his mind. However, he was a smart guy and his step-father supported him well in education so he was able to become a lawyer and have his own office in Miami, FL.

To do this project, I downloaded four icons that I want to use and uploaded to the Adobe Photoshop, so I put it together.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 6.59.59 PM