Familiar Sound

This assignment was to create a song using recorded familiar sounds. This was 2 points project, so it was easy and fun to do it. Also, I related this to my noir character, John Brown, it’s his morning life sounds.

I used Audacity to complete this assignments. First, I recorded the sound of the slippers that John Brown walks to kitchen and then he boils water to make a cup of coffee. After he mix coffee well, he looks for some foods to eat with it. He opens the cabinet and refrigerator and finds an apple and wash it in sink. He goes to the table and drag a chair and sits on it.

I did this assignment in the morning, so I just did what I usually do in morning but hit record button on Audacity.

I really enjoyed doing this assignment and it was kind of interesting to hear the sounds that I hear every days.

Your Theme Song

I related this assignment to my noir character, John Brown. This was worth 4 points, so it was kind of difficult to complete it.

I done this assignment with Logic Pro X, and tried to show his loneliness.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.10.13 PM

I put rain sound so it can give sadness and loneliness and closing door sound so he is coming back from his work. And then, I put clock sound so it shows that the house is really quit and no one is around.

John Brown does not hang out with people, so he comes home right after his works are done. He thought he is okay without any friends and family, but deep inside his mind, he is missing people and feel lonely when he is alone in his house. Loneliness is placed in his mind for long time, he cannot feel it or recognize it.

Spooky Sounds

This assignment (4 points) was to create a song that is combination of spooky sounds. Instead of using Audacity, I used Logic Pro X to complete this assignment.

Here’s what I made.

It was really difficult assignment and I had no idea how to start. So, I just sat in front of computer and try to come up with idea. First I did was coming up with the sounds that I think it’s spooky. I found some sound from Logic Pro X and put it together.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7.21.46 PM


I found so many sounds and placed them where I want to put. I put Small Child Giggle at the end and faded out so it can give the listeners feeling that it is end of the song.

I really enjoyed this assignment but in the other hand, I kind of stressed out to find the sounds those are fit in the the subject it is looking for, but I’m satisfied with this out come.

Sound Effects Story

This assignment was to create a story related to my noir character, using only sound effects. It was really difficult assignment to me. I had no idea how to start and what story should I make that is related to my character, John Brown. To start this assignment, I went to the website that was provided on the noir106, free sound. And just search for any sound effects until I get the idea. And then, I downloaded the effects and uploaded on Audacity to put it together. After this process, I exported into mp3 file to able to upload it on sound cloud.

This is what I got.

I ended up with creating what he does after his work. So, I started with car door opening effect, and goes on.

When John Brown was done with his works, he just goes straight to his house. He does not go anywhere else, especially Friday. He hates crowded place, just want to relax in peaceful place. He arrived at his house and got off from his car. He walked to his place and search for key and unlocked the front door and got into house. He wore slippers and went to bathroom to take shower. After taking shower, he went to kitchen and open the refrigerator and search for beer then sat on the couch and turn on the television. While he is watching it, he fell into sleep.

From this story, I want to show that John Brown is anti-social person. As you notice, there is not any noise on the background. He got his house where no one can bother his personal life. There is only his house, nothing else.

Sound Effects Story (3and 1/2 points)

ds106 Radio Bumper!

This assignment was to create a ds106 radio bumper. When I got this assignment, I really did not know how show I create it. But after I listen to ds106 radio on Wednesday, it gave me some idea. I tried to make the beginning of the bumper more deep sound, which catch the listeners’ ears. However, I want ending to me more softer so it can have smoothly transition between bumper and the radio. I put my voice in the middle of it saying, ‘you’re listening to ds106 radio. Stay tone.’ It was really fun assignment and one of my best work! I really like what I’ve done. I hope you like it too.

Here’s my bumper.

Reverse Audio Quiz

This assignment(Reverse Audio Quiz : 2 and 1/2 points) was asking me to reverse the music and provide three hints so others can be figure out.

These are my hints about the song:

1. V

2. 2014

3. One of the Six Kingdom

This assignment was really simple and did not take that long to complete it. I just needed to find the song that I want to reverse and uploaded it to Audacity. With just two clicks, the song was reversed. I exported as mp3 file so I can place it to SoundCloud.

Here’s the reversed song. I think everyone would know it. :)

Happiness Through Sound

First Audio Assignment is completed!

This is actually my first time using Audacity. It took me a while to make 1:40 sound. I went to tutorial in UMW’s Digital Knowledge Center, it helped me a lot. If I did not go, I would probably had hard time to this assignment. My assignment is to show emotions through sounds (3 points). About 45 seconds from beginning, I used church bell sound effect to give sprightly atmosphere. After the bell sound ends, the happy background music comes out with bird chirping sound. Whenever I woke up in morning, and hear birds are chirping, it made my days to start feeling good, and think that I might hear some good news. Lastly, I put baby laughing sound. I love babies, so when I hear babies are laughing, I laugh with them and sometimes they make me to forget worries and just smile like I have no concern.

All the sounds are downloaded in Youtube and changed into mp3 files so I can uploaded it in Audacity. I set the bell sound at the beginning and when it ends, I put happy music as background and located the rest of the sounds in the place where I want to put. I played with the effects that are provided. I mostly experienced fade in and fade out to make all the sounds goes smoothly. When I’m done I exported into mp3 file so I could be uploaded in SoundCloud.