Music Mashup

This assignment was the Music Mashup (3 and 1/2 points) that asked me to put two different songs and put them together. I decided to take “Phantom of the Opera” and the hip hop music that has no lyrics. When I just see this assignment, i immediately thought of the Phantom of the Opera and want to mix it with another song. So I searched on Youtube and played the Phantom of the Opera and tried to find the beats that goes with it well. I searched for several song, and download it, but it was really hard to get them to line up so that it sounded decent. I just put them in Audacity and see how they sound like.

This is the original version of the “Phantom of the Opera”

This is the beats that I put under the “Phantom of the Opera”

As I worked on it, it did not worked well. While I putting these together, I played with the effects. I changed the speed of the “Phantom of the Opera” and tried to match the tempo with the beats. Also, I experimented with the volume of the separated tracks. I putted the volume up and down until it sounds great and has good balance between them.

I really enjoyed to make this mixed song, I hope it isn’t too bad.