John Brown: Interview

Last video assignment for this week! After I completed with the video assignments from Assignment Bank, I had to create an interview show of my character. Among four interview questions video, I chose Maggi’s video and then answered it.

To complete this assignment, I downloaded the interview questions video from Youtube using 4K Video Downloader and then uploaded it on iMovie to edit it. Since I’ve been using iMovie for several assignments, it was easy to put my answers and her questions together.

I used black and white affect on the video, also I pitched down my voice since John Brown is a man. When I first saw the description of this assignment, it seems really hard and would take long time to finish it but it wasn’t that hard to complete it. I loved it! :)

2 thoughts on “John Brown: Interview

  1. Really creative way of making yourself seem like a boy on video! Very hard thing to do! & good job editing the videos together

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