Week 10: Daily Creates

This week, I had to complete three daily creates.

03/24/15: A 15 second create Batman


To be honest, I never watched Batman. So I researched a photo of him and drew of him. It took longer than 15 seconds, but less than 2 minutes! It was really fun assignment, also, it made me want to watch some movie about Batman. So after this semester is over, I’m going to watch Batman movie!

03/25/15: Your Own Words of Wisdom Inspirational Poster


03/26/15: Make some tree art!

tree art

To do this last daily create, I found a picture of trees and made some effects to it. It seems not like a monster or anything, but it is different from the original trees and looks like some art! :)

3 thoughts on “Week 10: Daily Creates

  1. These are really impressive daily creates! I love seeing how awesome some daily creates are and it just re-inspires me to have fun with them and think about how we can apply our ds106 knowledge to this quick prompt. Yours are great and I can obviously see you’re skilled with visual/design.

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