Teal Blue and Orange

Blue and orange are (still everywhere) – it’s the color combination that spells “action movie”.
Make (or modify) and image to make it suitable for an action film poster using primarily teal blue and orange hues.

Wolverine Movie Poster

When I saw this assignment, I looked for an action movie poster. Then, I found “Wolverine” poster that would stand out more if I use color of teal blue and orange. So I set the background as orange and filled Wolverine as teal blue so it looks more cold and frightening character.

5 thoughts on “Teal Blue and Orange

  1. I really like how this brings attention to the claws and keeps the face in shadow- makes it even more menacing than the original poster.

  2. I really like how the different shades of blue add detail and dimension to the character, even though the original poster is kind of simple to begin with.

  3. I love the Marvel Universe! This poster was a good choice for action. I think your placement of orange and blue really fit with the emotion of the poster. Teal outlined the fierceness of Wolverine and the orange made the teal stand out. Good job!

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