Daily Creates, Week Eight

My Different Sides (3/10/15)


I chose these four photos to upload to the daily create on March 10. The background of the photos are in Chicago (1, 3, 4) and Florida (2). As you noticed that the wether of those cities are kind of opposite. And the ways I took the photos shows different sides of me. The first two photos I only took in front of the back ground so I was able to capture both back ground and me, which means that it did not required me some kind of bravery. However, the rest of two photos I had to step on two the clear glass which was located at the Willis Tower and I can see the bottom. I was scared first time so I wasn’t able to look at the bottom but as time goes on, I was able to look at it and took picture.

Your Favorite moment in the past week (03/11/15)


During the spring break, when I went back home, I was really enjoyed to rest with my dog and did not have to think about anything. Just enjoyed the moment.

How Music Changed Your Life (03/14/15)

Flow of Music

The flow of the music

Comes through my heart.

Where the music touches,

There can be no evil.

Only pure peace is existed.

Makes me to escape from worry.

Makes me to rest.

This daily create, I had to write a poem about the influence of the music in my life. It was first time I’m writing the poem, so it took kind of long time then usually but I enjoyed creating the poem.

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