Last Weekly Summary

It will be last weekly summary for Noir106. It was really wonderful to have this class. Even though there were lots of assignments to do but they were really fun to do and workable assignments. For last two weeks, I had worked on new case, which was Finding Noircat. I uploaded four status for this case. Since I had worked on another case, From Russia with Love, it was much easier than before. I really enjoyed to making up my own story based on given evidences.

New Case: Where is Noircat?

Where are you going Noircat?

About Noircat


I also uploaded to JBrown’s Law Agency website.

After that, I came up with two ideas for daily creates, and two ideas for assignment bank. I enjoyed with working with visual assignments, so most of ideas that I came up with were related to photoshop.

First Daily Create Idea

Second Daily Create Idea

First Assignment Idea

Second Assignment Idea 

Lastly, I made tutorial for the applications that I had been used to complete assignments. I made tutorial for Adobe Photoshop and Audacity.

Tutorial: Photoshop

Tutorial: Audacity 


It was really fun to complete different assignments and I had learned a lot about Noir and other programs that I never used before. I would probably regret if I did not take this class! I’m so glad I took this class and finished it!

Week 13: Weekly Summary

End of 13 week! It was really fun to gathering all the evidences to solve a mysterious case, which was From Russia with Love for me. Since I was working by myself, there were lots of things to complete this two weeks assignment. The primary media that I used was photoshop. The letters and the pictures that I posted was created with the Adobe Photoshop. And then I used audacity to create a telephone call sound and other programs to create a gif. file. I was going to upload some video on to youtube, but I do not know why, it kept failing to upload it.

But I satisfied with what I have done to figure out the case. Here are posts that I uploaded whenever I found the evidences.

Third Status of the Case.

Telephone Message

Letters from Man

Misha’s Diary

Fourth Status of the Case.


JBrown’s Law Agency website


I uploaded on twitter of my status:



I cannot believe that this will be second to the last weekly summary.


Week 12: Weekly Summary

Finding evidences week had started. It would be difficult but be fun experience. When I had to open the website for the agency, I had little bit hard time to figure out creating subdomain so I went to ITCC and got some help about it. After that, I created JBrown’s Law Agency webpage. The case I got was From Russia with Love.

I updated two status. The first status was thought about the letters those were given from the client. I was curious about the Russian on the letters so I translated but I do not get why the writers wrote in Russian. It does not match with the sentences before and after.

The second status I updated was the evidences I found. It was the CCTV scenes I found in San Francisco International Airport.

I do not know how I am going to progress the story but I hope the outcome would be find

I also update the blog on Twitter:

I retweeted it.



Week 11: Weekly Summary

This week was pretty awesome! I enjoyed creating new blog for the agency and the assignments were pretty fun to do.

When I was creating new website for the agency, I was little bit confused about the creating subdomain. Therefore, I went to ITCC to get help with it. I was really easier than I thought. After I creating new subdomain address, only thing I had to do was re-installing WordPress.

Among the four web assignments those were recommended, I chose to do Character Resume and You’re Pinteresting Character. I never used Pinterest before, but it was easy to create a new account and pin what my character might likes. Creating resume was kind of difficult. It was been so long time I wrote the resume, so I had to search for sample of the resume. After I got some sample, everything was great.

I’m kind of worry about the next few week assignments. Since I’m working by myself of creating agency, it might be really hard. But I hope everything would be fine.


Agency website:

JBrown’s Law Agency


10 stars of Assignments:

Character Resume

You’re Pinteresting Character

John Brown’s Business Card

Design to Shock 


Daily Creates



Week 10: Weekly Summary

Finally, video week is over. This week was much easier and doable than last week but still, making and editing video are hard. But as I worked with iMovie, I became expert with it. If I did not take this class, I would never open iMovie and never used it.
One of the assignments that I really enjoyed was creating an interview show. This assignment was seem so hard so I left it to last but when I was doing it, it was easier and funnier than I thought. Putting questions video and answers did not take long time, but thinking the answers was take some time, because I had to think my character’s point of view.
But 15 points of video assignments were too much so complete all the assignments took me a while. Also, all the assignments were had to related with the character so thinking of how I am going to relate it took me a while.

Video Assignments:

5 Seconds of Fame

Inanimate Motion

This is John’s Story

Play It Backward

A Word… A Picture… A Story

Where Do You Want To Go? 


John Brown: Interview


Week 10: Daily Creates


Organizing the Final Unit 




I really enjoyed with creating video and kind of happy with ending of video week. But I’m scared of next week.. What assignments are waiting for me..

Weekly Summary 9.

Finally, week 9 had ended. This week was end of the radio but beginning of the video. I had really fun to listen to the radio show. I participated on live twitter for one of the radio shows called ‘ Inside Talking.’ The reason I participated was the rememberable logo that one of the member posted few weeks ago. When I saw that logo, it made to listen to that radio show so I was waiting for it.
On Tuesday, our radio show ‘Vixen’s Ventures’ was on. I was embraced and nervous to hear my voice over the radio. But it was better than I thought and I really enjoyed. Hearing a radio show that I already know the story line was pretty great experience.

Starting Video week, the most I afraid about. The programs that I have to use were all knew so I had to put some time to figure out. First application that I used was Vine on the smart phone. I did two assignments that were had to do with Vine. Also those were related to my character. It takes only 7 seconds of video, so when I was creating video, I had to be more thoughtful and simplified what I really want to put in the video. The tutorial for the application from the internet was really helpful and easy to follow along. After that, I had to create a video essay for the filmmaking. That assignment was really painful. To complete this assignment, I had to learn how to use iMovie program which was downloaded on my computer. It was my first time using it so I had really hard time for figuring out. The tutorial was really helpful but editing the film and the recording my voice top of the scene were really hard and took long time to put whole thing together. After about 5 hours, I was completely done. I was really proud of myself.

This week assignments:

Daily creates

Radio show:

Radio show Listen Along II

Radio show Listening Reflection

Radio show Final Reflection


Video Essay

Video Assignments:

Name that Book

Vine It

What’s your Skills?


Week Eight Summary

Right after break, I had so many things to do for other classes, so I started the assignments late. I did some daily creates and listened to the radio show on Monday, but I did not write the post about the radio show right away, so I could not remember about the radio shows in detailed. But they did really great job on making commercials and using sounds so effectively, I still remember some of them. Also, I listened to the last radio for this week, which was “The Noir Buzz” but I did not participated on live twitter. I just wanted to focus on the radio show. I missed first part of the radio show, but I still can listen along the rest of it. I was really shocked about how they did professionally with creating the radio show. Their acting was really good and the use of the background musics were mixed well with the conversation so I could feel how actors were. I can’t wait to hear rest of the radio shows for next week.

Most of the assignments were related to the noir character. Among the three assignments that I did from Assignment Bank, I did one assignment about Delia who were created by Lesya Melnychenko. The reason I chose her was that her characteristics were kind of similar to John Brown. Also, I liked that she is a femme fatale! :) I think femme fatales are attractive. The outcome of the photoshop was pretty good. I really enjoyed creating it.

I did rest of two assignments related to John Brown. I created a reading poster and changed his photo into comic book style. It was kind of odd of creating a reading poster with John Brown, because that I described him that he does not like to read but create a reading poster using him as a model was kind of weird. However, he became a lawyer by studying hard and reading many books he could. I used his motto ‘if it is unavoidable, enjoy it’ and put it in the reading poster, so it would might changed viewers who do not like to read. 

Beside commenting on others’ posts, I have to write a posts that inspired me. There were so many good posts, most of them were the ideas that I never thought of. As I looked through the posts, I kept thinking that they are so professional and think outside of box. Sometimes I have no idea how to start the assignments, I looked through how others did and do almost exact format. But I should try to think differently and unique so I can come up with the ideas that other did not think of.


Inspired Me I
Inspired Me II
Inspired Me III
Inspired Me IV

Collaborative Character Media Assignments:

Change of Scenery

Create a Read Poster

Cartoon John Brown

DS106 Radio Show:

DS106 Radio Listen Along 

DS106 Radio Show Reflection

Daily Creates:

Daily Creates, Week Eight



Follow John Brown on twitter: @noir_brown

John Brown’s gmail:


Week Seven Summary

Week seven is done! I really enjoyed this week with creating radio show! I can’t wait to hear what other people’s think about our radio show and what they have done! It took several hours to edit the radio and put the bumper, commercial, and others, but it was great experiment to develop the skill and learn new things.
Because we have to complete the radio show, there wasn’t lots of assignments. Only three daily creates to complete.

First assignment I did was creating a story with 5 selected emojis. I thought that I have to use the emojis in order so I used in order those were lined up. The story I came up with was kind of daily life (going to library and cafe) so it seems so stale story, but I spent long time to create this story. I enjoyed making the story. Creating a story with emojis that I use almost everyday was clever idea.

Second daily create was creating Deep Space 106. Last assignments was creating a poster using teal blue and orange. I really loved those two assignments. I think I’m visual person so I enjoy creating pictures. So I was glad that we had two visual related assignments.

Radio show progress! Everything flew smoothly, and had nothing interrupted our radio! Since we had been using Audacity for a long time, editing the recording voice and putting commercials, bumper, and sound effects were kind of easy but took long time. But it was great experiment and seeing classmates were exited. I can’t wait to hear other classmates’s radio show.

These are I commented on other peoples’ daily creates for this week. It was really fun to watch the assignments that I did not do and seeing what they’ve done.


Week eight: SPRING BREAK!!

Sixth Week Summary

Already week six?! The week that I most afraid of had come. I’m not good at making audio sounds and not enjoy recording my voice, but creating a radio show? I already stressed out. The assignments that we have to complete were seem little compare to past weeks. But radio show was waiting for me.

On Monday, I listened to ds106 radio show and got along on Twitter. Radio was about ‘Strangers on a Train’ by Alfred Hitchcock. I really enjoyed this show. The one thing I was kind of disappointed by that there weren’t lots of participants on Twitter so whenever I missed the conversations, I just missed it because no one is writing down. So I googled for script and get the idea what was going on.
<ds106 radio Reflection>

On Tuesday, I searched for group for a radio show. It was not difficult to find the group members because my roommate introduced me her friend Amy Elizabeth who is taking this course so I asked her for permission to get into her group. She and her group members said okay to join the group and became group called ‘The Alpacas.’

On Wednesday, I started to do my personal assignments, the audio assignments from Assignment Bank. I chose three assignments: Your Theme Song, Spooky Sounds, and Familiar Sounds. 
I had hard time complete the two assignments; creating theme song and spooky sounds. Instead of using Audacity, I used Logic Pro X program and use some loops. There were lots of sounds for me to use it but I could not start. I had no idea what I want to create and which sounds should I use. So I just played almost every sounds and then got some ideas from the sound. So the process was inverse; listen to sounds first and get the idea.
Your Theme Song assignment, I related to my noir character’s personality. I tried to make a song that would represent his loneliness in his deep inside of mind. I think the final was better than I expected. After I uploaded, I was able to figure out that the flow is a bit off from the comments. Later when I have to create a song I would be more careful and make flow to be more natural.
Spooky Sounds!!! Most difficult assignment I ever had! I took so long to complete about one minute song. I used also Logic Pro X for this assignment. It was same process as creating theme song; listen first then get the idea. I set the background music first then place the sounds. I tried to use many different sounds I can because individual people have different hearing point where they get scared. For few weeks before, on Audio week, I create an emotional song that represent happiness. On that, I used a child giggling sound. But in the other hand, when you hear giggling sound in the dark or scary movie, it chills your spine. So I put it at the end.
Most easy and enjoyable assignment, recording familiar sounds. I also related this to my character. I recorded the sounds of daily morning life, walking into kitchen, progress of making coffee and search for food to eat. The recorded sound was pretty clear. It was really interest to hear the sounds that I make everyday.

Personal assignments are done. I started to working on the radio show. I made a logo for ds106 radio by using Adobe Photoshop. Whenever I look the the logos, they are very simple but capture my eyes so I can remember it easy. So I tried to make it simple as I can but represent the radio. I think the the outcome was pretty good and I liked it! :)
<Radio Show Promo>

On Saturday, my group members got along together and share the ideas for radio show. Each individual had really great ideas and well structured plot so it was not that hard to brainstorming. During first meeting, we came up with the plot and role for each one. The story was based on the characters and concepts of noir. I think that the result of radio show would be really great! I am really looking forward to hear our radio show!
<Radio Show Progress>

Since from first week to last week, the assignments were so many, I did not have time to enjoy others works. But this week, I had few minutes to look at what other people had done and make comments on them. Also, many people commented on my posts and critiqued it, I was able to see the thing I should change to make it better.
Here are the comments I made:


Fifth Week Summary

This week was FANTASTIC! I really loved doing all the assignments were given. I was interested in design (my minor is digital studies) but did not take any classes those are related to the design so I learned a lot this week. From completing DesignBlitz, I learned about concepts of design and how they effect the final product. It is important to know how to use each concept effectively and containing strong story or meaning behind it.

Completing DeignBlitz was harder than I thought. I had to research for some concepts to understand fully. I had to think about the concepts all the time to find the objects. Whenever I take the photos, I was not sure what I’m taking it. I had to think more and more before I upload it to my blog. I was really shocked that when Professor Groom mentioned me in twitter and said I really did great job on it.

The daily creates and design assignments were pretty easier than I thought and enjoyable. Before I choose what assignments I want to do for this week, everything seems to be really difficult. Also, one of the assignment had to be greater than 4 points, which is much difficult than other below 3 point. However, when I finally chose 4 assignments and started it, it was not that hard and really fun to do it. I really loved the assignments I chose. It was really fun to think and create new things and see the result made me proud.

Nothing did not drive me crazy. Every assignments were really fun and enjoyable. :)

This week assignments:

Reflection on The Vignelli Canon

Noir Film Design 

Complete a DesignBlitz

Daily Creates:

Creative Hands

Super Power

Internet Arcade Video

Design Assignments:

One Story/Four Icons (2 and 1/2 points)

The Ultimate Merger (4 and 1/2 points)

Advertisements Using A Cartoon Character (3 points)

You’re Invited! (3 points)

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