Inspired Me IV

When I hear the first ds106 radio show on Monday, the commercials were so great. One of the commercial I was shocked when I hear was an airline commercial. It was so great and real, the actual airline company could use it. I was looking through classmates’ posts, I found the commercial that I heard on Monday, when I was listening to House of Noir. It was Stardust Airline by Janelle Diana Pierangelino. The voice of hers is well fitted in with the background and the choice of the background (orchestra and piano) was really great. Also, the script of the commercial was also great. She changed the tempo and the pitch by using Audacity so it can be more perfect radio commercial!

I always look through Diana’s blog. Her post is really interesting and she did really good job on every assignments. I can see that she put effort and time into every assignments. Sometimes I got some idea from her and started do assignments. Also, I took time for self-examination.

Inspired Me III

Sound, sound is really important in our life. Sometimes it can change our emotion and bring fear into us. The Spooky Hotel by Shannon Grubbs brought me fear in this morning. This was only a minute music, which combined with the sounds that makes me horripilate. She got all of five sounds from ‘free sound’ website, but the transition is really good, I thought it was one piece of the sound. Also, she put paused (no sound) between the sounds so the flow of the whole piece was very smooth. The choice of the sounds was really great too. When she began the sound, she stared with footsteps and them girl’s scream. It makes me to imagine what was happened, and since I don’t know anything about the behind the scene of the sounds, it makes me more scary. Whenever I have to do audio assignment, I would make listeners to work on to imagine the behind scene of the sound, just like Shannon did with hers.


Inspired Me II

Sahar Alkhelaifi has very clear and beautiful photo safari, which is the assignment that we had to create a ‘Designblitz.’ She chose to take pictures that involved with ‘unity, balance, color, and rhythm.’ When I see her post first time, the picture of the matryoshka caught my eyes. She used this photo for unity. The rest of the photos, those look so simple, but she captured the main point so well. Whenever I had to take a picture, I always tried to keep whole thing instead of the main focal point that I really want to show. But Sahar did wonderful jobs to show what the viewers really have to see and what she really have to capture for the photo. Sometimes, simple can be really powerful.

– Photos from Sahar Alkhelaifi











Inspired Me I

The first assignment that inspired me was new logo combined with AT&T and T-Mobile by Brianne Comden. It was really well photoshopped photo. I never expected that two companies could be join together. When I see this merged logo first time, I could not able to the difference between this logo and the original AT&T logo. My favorite assignments are design and visual, which involve photoshop. Sometimes the outcomes of mine can tell that it photoshopped but this one, I really could not tell it was photoshopped. Later on, when I have to do other assignments that would involved with photoshop, I will try to do my best to combine or photoshop the original photos that the result would be more professional than before.


DS 106 Radio Listen Along

On Monday, I listened to ‘Noir We There Yet?’ and I participated on live twitter and shared feedback during the radio show.

It was really nice to hear how other classmate’s radio show. After I listened to first radio show, which was ‘House of Noir,’ I just kept listening and shared my thoughts on twitter. The one thing I still remember is that the McDonald commercial. The actors were really good at the acting and the vintage background music captured my mind. The combination of these two were really impactive. Since it was right after the spring break, there weren’t many participants, so I was able to focus on the radio show and did not have to share the focus on to the feedbacks on twitter. It was really great experiment, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the radio show on next week!

Radio Show Progress #2

After we had meet on Saturday, we decided to meet on this Thursday to record our voice. But campus was closed for snow day! I was so happy for cancellation of classes, but I worried for the recording because we was going to meet in ITCC. But luckily, ITCC was able to open with our ID card. So we meet in the ITCC and record our voiced based on the script that Lesya wrote. The story was perfect and funny. We used Audacity to keep track of our voice. We read script several time so we can get the voice that we like. After finishing recording, we decided to divide editing parts. Leanna and I are going to edit the recorded voice in order and Lesya is going to change pitch and get rid of the noisy sound. After that, Amy is going to put background music, bumper, and commercial! And after this all process, our radio show is complete!

Everything went pretty well, there was any problem or difficult thing that interrupt our radio show. I was really worried about this, but I was blessed with meeting Amy, Lesya and Leanna and becoming a group with them. I can’t wait to hear other group’s radio! I would be really fun! :)

Radio Show Progress

This week and next week, we have to create a radio show for ds106 radio. This week is to form a group and plan for it. To find a group member, I went on Twitter and searching for a group to join in. remembered that my roommate told me that her friend, Amy Elizabeth is taking this course, too, so I asked her for join in her group. Thankfully, Amy and group members, Leanna Epps and Lesya Melnychenko led me get into group and now I’m part of the group called ‘The Alpacas.’ Before we meet, we communicate on Twitter and share the ideas that we have and some promo that we should include. After we shared basic idea we tried to find the best time to meet and talk about details, like plot, script, sounds, commercials, etc. Then we decided to meet on Saturday afternoon. During the meeting, we used gmail ‘Invitation to edit’ to share and write together on the same page, so everyone has same informations. Our focus was on the noir characters and create the story based on the informations about them. After we completed the plot, we divided the role. Lesya has most of the idea for plot and Amy is good at writing so they are going to write a script for radio show. Leanna and I got to choose dramatic background musics and make commercials. To create the music, we are going to use Audacity since we have been using it for couple of weeks and choose musics mostly from ‘free sound’ or youtube. Since we just gather some ideas, everything went smoothly and had nothing difficult. But I’m kind of worry about next week. We have to record and edit it so difficult parts have not come yet. Hopefully everything would go smoothly as this week.

DS106 Radio Reflection

I listened to ds106 radio on Monday, it was about ‘Stranger on a Train’ by Alfred Hitchcock. The story began with Haines meeting a stranger, Bruno on a train and planning perfect murders, Bruno is going to kill Haines’s wife, Miriam and Haines will kill Bruno’s father. It would be perfect murder because they have no identifiable motive for the crimes. And story goes on. I think since it was played on Monday, there weren’t many listeners who are participating in live-twitter so I was not able to read the sentences that I missed but in the other hand, I was able to focus more on to radio.

Here are what I wrote during ds106 radio was played:

There were many sound effects, among those I really liked the train sound and crying cricket sounds. Those seem real and fitted well into the plot and character’s conversations.

I really enjoyed this radio and one thing I learned from this story. “Don’t talk to strangers!”

Noir Film Design

Among the choices of three: Double Indemnity, Blade Runner, or The Big Lebowski, I watched Double Indemnity. In the film, it was really hard to tell the time and the place. Since it is a black and white film, I could know the time by shadow and the streetlight.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.20.47 PM


Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.20.24 PM


As you can see above pictures, the shape of the built environments can be notice when the scene is taken in the afternoon; however, when it was taken during dark night, you are able to see only the streetlights and the lights from the car.

Almost at the beginning of the sense, the angle of the camera was from top to bottom, which gave me feeling of some gradation rhythm.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.52.41 PM


All the desks are same size and placed in repetition rhythm, but because of the angle of the camera, it has gradation rhythm and draw the viewers eyes toward to the back of the room.

Contrast was used to make an actor to be focal point and let the viewers to show emotion more closely.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.59.10 PM


It is not totally contrast color, like black and white, but setting the background as dark and gave light only to actor makes him to be focal point and the viewers’ attention in only to his face expression.

There were several film noir elements I found through out this movie.

1. The “Venetian blind” effect

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.21.03 PM


2. Lighting from one side

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 6.11.16 PM

3. Femme fatal

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.30.09 PM

4. Fog and rain

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 6.07.35 PM


The Vignelli Canon

I really enjoyed the reading. Since I minor in Digital Studies, it was helpful for me to know some ideas about design. The design is visually powerful, designers cannot stand design that is weak in concept, form, color, or texture. I think Massimo Vignelli well explained that. There are many possibilities to get a powerful expression: difference of scale in the same page such as size of fonts or bold typed fonts, three dimensional design and using different textures and materials. I really agree with his thought. The statements that he made about this topic are what I use whenever I do art work. Those basic concepts are simple but have very strong effect to viewers to draw their eyes to the focal point.

He stated that to stick to one or two type sizes at the most, and if necessary, use other devices like bold, light, roman and italic to differentiate. I do not agree with this statement. The simple can be powerful and easy to understand author’s point, but I think it is necessary to let viewers to do work and figure it out in their own way. As they try to figure out it, time that they are staring at would be much longer and since they are think deeply it would be more impressed on viewer’s mind. Simple design, the viewers could just looked at it for a second because the purpose of the author is predictable.

This reading was really helpful for me to know the information about design, but some examples were outdated so I wish there were some more recent examples. But it was really useful time to know the concepts that I did not know before.