John Brown’s business card

As John Brown is starting his own agency, he thought that he would need a business card to give out. So, by using create your own business card (2 points) assignment, I made him one.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 12.07.43 AM

I tried to make simple as possible, because John likes simple thing. I used only colors of white and black to make simple and well visible. Also, he likes those two colors.

To make this business card, I used Powerpoint. I inserted the image of balance scale and then put some informations into it. After I finished with inserting text, I screenshot the powerpoint slide.

Cartoon John Brown

This assignment (3 and 1/2 points) was to remake someone into a cartoon character. This can be draw on a piece of paper, on a tablet or convert photo into comic book style. I decided to do last choice, convert photo into comic book style.


I used this photo to convert into comic book style. And it came up with the photo below.



As I turned into comic book style, the eyes, nose, mouth and mustache are kind of unnoticeable, but I satisfied with the outcome. Since the photo is originally black and white, it shows his loneliness well. One thing I really don’t like about the cartoon version of the photo is, because of the shadow of his face, it connects the appearances so makes hard to notice, especially eyebrows and eyes.

Create a Read Poster

This assignment (3 and 1/2 points) was creating my own READ poster. I used my noir character, John Brown as a model of this poster.

create a reading poster


It was kind of odd choice of doing this assignment, because that I described him that he does not like reading any books. However, his job is a lawyer, so he had to read many books when he was studying, he could not just run away from it. So, he made his mind that if he could not evade from reading, he would just enjoy it. This is what I put “Reading, if it is unavoidable, enjoy it”. With this mind, he was able to graduate from Law School with reading many books. However, he still does not like reading. He does not have favorite books or favorite quotes to remember. He just reads whenever he needs it for his job.

Change of Scenery

This assignment (3 points) was to put character into other setting. For this assignment, I decided to relate this to classmate’s character, Delia Lasalle. As I read the description of her, I found out that most of the important characteristics are she is a femme fatale, and she has an incredible sweet tooth so she eats dessert before the entree.

I found a femme fatale model image and the candy background. I used Adobe Photoshop to create a combined photo.
This is what I got.

Change of Scenery

The reasons I choose the background with the candy with green shoe are that the sitting on the shoe makes more Delia to be more femme fatale rather than just sitting on the candy street also the green represent the eye color of her.

Radio Show Promo

This week is to working on producing a radio show. So, I had to make poster/bumper, sticker/logo, etc. Since I made a bumper in the past when we were working on audio assignments, so I made logo for s106 radio.

radio logoI used Adobe Photoshop to create this logo. On the white background, I typed ‘ds106 radio’ and make effect on them. Instead of just horizontal line, I changed to wave shape text, so it looks like the sound is coming out from radio. I put the antenna with radio waves are coming out of it above the text, so it kinds of look like radio. I thought that the logo has to be simple and readable, so I tried to put together simple as I can.

Bigger version:



You’re Invited!

I related this assignment (3 points) to my noir character which was a creating invitation card to him. (John Brown)

invitation  copy

This invitation card is from John Brown’s step-father to invited people to his wife, also John Brown’s mother, Mary  Brown. After John Brown got this invitation, he just threw away and decided to not to go. He just does not want to his family. He have been damaged from his family and his family members knew that he would not come but sent the invitation to grab a little bit of hope for coming.

To complete this assignment, I downloaded the invitation template and uploaded to Adobe Photoshop. And I wrote some mentioning of purpose of the invitation and place and time that party will occur. I saved the file as JEPG so I will able to upload it to my blog.

Advertisement Using A Cartoon Character

This assignment (3 points) was creating advertisement using a cartoon character. First cartoon I came up with was Spongebob advertising a sponge. But I think is to obvious so I changed cartoon character. I came up with Spiderman advertising a bug spray. It would be great to show that the bug spray that Spiderman is advertising would not miss any bugs that you try to catch. I put the Spiderman as background and put a bug spray in his right hand and put some spider webs on to it.



I put a quote from Spiderman at the corner that would help the viewers to have some belief onto the product that he is advertising.

The Ultimate Merger

This assignment (4 and 1/2 points) was asked me to combine a famous logos to create a new logo. I chose Starbucks Coffee logo and just stared it for long time to figure out which another logo should I use for.

starbucks logo

And I just searched tons of logos but could not decide my mind because I had no idea to put together. The first logo I wanted to combine was Dunkin Donut or Krispy Kreme Donut because I thought that coffee and donut are extremely good combination. So I looked these together and tried to figure out how should I put it. But I had no idea to put these logo together and I searched for another logo. And finally I came up with Seven-Eleven Logo.



I set up the Starbucks logo as background and cut symbol of seven from the above image and letters eleven from the bottom picture. Before I put it together, I filled letters Starbucks with same color of green from the background.

The final product came out right this.

starbucks logo


I satisfy with the product I made. It was really interesting assignment and I enjoyed doing it.


One Story/Four Icons

This assignment (2 and 1/2 points) was creating a story using four icons so viewers can guess what story is about. But I decided that I want to relate this assignment to my noir character so I made his biography using four icons.

one story, four icons

I found these icon from The Noun Project . So This is how it goes. First icon explain that after divorced John Brown’s parents, his mother remarried with a new rich guy, Mark. Mark is really nice guy but when he is drunk, he gets really violent. John Brown suffered from domestic violence and he closed his mind. However, he was a smart guy and his step-father supported him well in education so he was able to become a lawyer and have his own office in Miami, FL.

To do this project, I downloaded four icons that I want to use and uploaded to the Adobe Photoshop, so I put it together.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 6.59.59 PM