Your Theme Song

I related this assignment to my noir character, John Brown. This was worth 4 points, so it was kind of difficult to complete it.

I done this assignment with Logic Pro X, and tried to show his loneliness.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.10.13 PM

I put rain sound so it can give sadness and loneliness and closing door sound so he is coming back from his work. And then, I put clock sound so it shows that the house is really quit and no one is around.

John Brown does not hang out with people, so he comes home right after his works are done. He thought he is okay without any friends and family, but deep inside his mind, he is missing people and feel lonely when he is alone in his house. Loneliness is placed in his mind for long time, he cannot feel it or recognize it.

7 thoughts on “Your Theme Song

  1. I really liked this- especially the clock changing tempo. However, the flow seemed a bit off. Maybe if you cut the rain in half and ended the music at :56 it would convey loneliness better. Here, it ends abruptly on rising notes, which change the tone to be more happy.

  2. I really like the music and the piano. I haven’t heard or the application before. I might check it out to do the assignment. It is creative adding the rain sound… Didn’t bother me or feel like it was added. Good job there!

  3. I think Lesya has a point, the music cuts off a bit unexpectedly, messing with the flow, you can end it earlier, and still have a perfect piece. Also, as Lauren asked, where did you get this music? Be sure to give credit if it’s not yours.

    1. I got the music from Logic Pro X program. There were many loops, so I used it from there. I’m taking Midi Composition class right now, so I applied some technologies I learned from there. :D

  4. This is really good! I knew nothing about your character whatsoever, but after the first few seconds of rain, I guessed that he would be sad, upset, lonely, etc. This definitely conveys your character well now that I know more about him. Good job!!

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