Spooky Sounds

This assignment (4 points) was to create a song that is combination of spooky sounds. Instead of using Audacity, I used Logic Pro X to complete this assignment.

Here’s what I made.

It was really difficult assignment and I had no idea how to start. So, I just sat in front of computer and try to come up with idea. First I did was coming up with the sounds that I think it’s spooky. I found some sound from Logic Pro X and put it together.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7.21.46 PM


I found so many sounds and placed them where I want to put. I put Small Child Giggle at the end and faded out so it can give the listeners feeling that it is end of the song.

I really enjoyed this assignment but in the other hand, I kind of stressed out to find the sounds those are fit in the the subject it is looking for, but I’m satisfied with this out come.

3 thoughts on “Spooky Sounds

  1. I like the mix you made. It is creative. I also like the order. I think I need to look up an idea after checking out different sound effects they have first.


  2. Although you stressed out about it, the outcome is very well put-together. The different sounds flow together and the child’s scream literally sent chills up my spine. Granted, I am very easy to scare, but this mix definitely answers the prompt by creating spooky sounds.

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