Radio Show Promo

This week is to working on producing a radio show. So, I had to make poster/bumper, sticker/logo, etc. Since I made a bumper in the past when we were working on audio assignments, so I made logo for s106 radio.

radio logoI used Adobe Photoshop to create this logo. On the white background, I typed ‘ds106 radio’ and make effect on them. Instead of just horizontal line, I changed to wave shape text, so it looks like the sound is coming out from radio. I put the antenna with radio waves are coming out of it above the text, so it kinds of look like radio. I thought that the logo has to be simple and readable, so I tried to put together simple as I can.

Bigger version:



7 thoughts on “Radio Show Promo

  1. You see how the bigger version is pixelated? That is because you tried scaling it up. Unless it is a vector graphic, scaling up smaller images will always degrade the quality. This may have to be re-made from scratch.

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