New Case: Where is Noircat?

After I came back from Los Angeles, I got a case about Noircat. Where did he go? What happened to him? Got lots to figure out.

The first evidence that I got was a video that Groom is asking his dog to tell hime about what his dog did to Noircat. But there wasn’t enough information that I can figure out Noircat’s position. But so weird, why the Noircat Tracking app is not working? And why is all the Noircat disappeared on the birthday cards?

Later on I gat a photo of Noircat, who was standing in front of UMW’s ITCC!

Photo-Oct-16-1-25-57-PM1 copy


But he could not get in to it to meet Martha Brutis or Maggie Black. So he tried to get back to home but he got lost or someone thought he was a alley cat so he/she took him to his/her house.

Hopefully, I will get more information about him.

JBrown’s Law Agency: New Case: Where is Noircat? 

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