Misha’s Diary.

Got Misha’s Diary!



Through this dairy, I finally figured out the reason for attack. It was Groom broke up with Misha. Hopefully, I can find Groom as soon as possible.

One good news is that I reached Bond. Luckily he did not get hurt or anything. I asked for him to contact him every hour. I hired a bodyguard just in case.

p.s.: Do you want to see the inside of Misha’s Diary? Click the Diary picture. It’s a gif. file!

JBrown’s Law Agency: Misha’s Diary. 


2 thoughts on “Misha’s Diary.

  1. I’m super impressed with how to displayed Misha’s diary. So inventive! It sounds like that Groom was in the middle of a lot in L.A. I’m glad you got to the bottom of it!

    Jewel out.

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