Inanimate Motion

The assignment called Inanimate MotionĀ (3 points) was to make an inanimate object to move by using power of video. I really wanted to do this assignment so I was keep thinking how I am going to relate to this to John Brown. I realized that it would be great to relate this assignment to his favorite book characters, which are Little Prince and rose. I did not have any figures of them so I printed the images of them and then put them on to the toilet paper tubes.

To do this assignment, I supposed to take photos and then put them together. Instead of doing that, I recorded the movement of Little Prince by pausing recording. After completed recording, I uploaded it to iMovie to put some texts to it. After that, as always, I uploaded it to Youtube and then put background to it.

One thought on “Inanimate Motion

  1. The music was a perfect addition to the tone of the video. I actually didn’t want it to end at 29 seconds! Although I did like how you condensed it.

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