Historical Selfies

Wright Brothers Selfie

The most of the pictures in my phone are the pictures those were taken from the trip in Florida. Among those pictures, it was taken when I was in the airplane on a way back to Virginia. As I looked through the pictures, I immediately thought of Wright Brothers because they were the first airplane inventor.


I cut this image and pasted to the sky view of Miami (below). I did not know any photoshop website or did not download it so I utilized drawing board that was already exist in computer. I pasted them on the bottom of the background, but the up side was kind of seem empty. So I pasted the plane (right) that was invented by Wright Brothers.



Historical Selfies (3 points)

4 thoughts on “Historical Selfies

  1. I love this assignment, and your focus on the Wright brothers is pretty cool. I like the way you got the planes in there. An application like Photoshop (which you can get a free trial of) or GIMP might be something you start experimenting with. They will allow you to start playing with scale and exploring other more sophisticated options. You might make a visit to the Digital Knowledge Center (http://dkc.umw.edu) for a tutorial about editing images in GIMP or Photoshop, as well as exploring what layers do. Well worth the time.

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