Cartoon John Brown

This assignment (3 and 1/2 points) was to remake someone into a cartoon character. This can be draw on a piece of paper, on a tablet or convert photo into comic book style. I decided to do last choice, convert photo into comic book style.


I used this photo to convert into comic book style. And it came up with the photo below.



As I turned into comic book style, the eyes, nose, mouth and mustache are kind of unnoticeable, but I satisfied with the outcome. Since the photo is originally black and white, it shows his loneliness well. One thing I really don’t like about the cartoon version of the photo is, because of the shadow of his face, it connects the appearances so makes hard to notice, especially eyebrows and eyes.

2 thoughts on “Cartoon John Brown

  1. This definitely shows some of the challenges of photo editing and converting a photo from realistic to comic book, as you said when you commented on the problems with the shadows. Overall this turned out well though, and was definitely a good exercise to think about the appearance of your character both realistically and in a different style. Also playing around with photo filters can be a lot of fun too. Great job!

  2. This definitely shows how difficult photo editing is. What was your process in doing this? What program did you use? If you added more information, you could get more help from classmates.

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