5 Seconds of Fame

Do you know how much John Brown hates to read any books? For this assignment, I decided to show his hate of reading.

The assignment called 5 Seconds of Fame (2 points) was to create 5 seconds video. Since it only has to be 5 seconds, I used Vine to complete this assignment. Before I do this, I had hard time to figure out how should I do this assignment. But after idea, it was really easy and simple assignment.

Before I upload it to Youtube, I opened with iMovie to put title page in front of the video, after that process, I uploaded it to Youtube and then I was going to put background music, but realized that it would be hard to hear the scream so I did not put it.

The last scene is he just gave up with reading and just lied down on the couch to relax.

3 thoughts on “5 Seconds of Fame

  1. Haha I did the group project this week but a lot of the video projects I am seeing look really fun and it seems like you had a fun time putting this together!

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