Week 10: Weekly Summary

Finally, video week is over. This week was much easier and doable than last week but still, making and editing video are hard. But as I worked with iMovie, I became expert with it. If I did not take this class, I would never open iMovie and never used it.
One of the assignments that I really enjoyed was creating an interview show. This assignment was seem so hard so I left it to last but when I was doing it, it was easier and funnier than I thought. Putting questions video and answers did not take long time, but thinking the answers was take some time, because I had to think my character’s point of view.
But 15 points of video assignments were too much so complete all the assignments took me a while. Also, all the assignments were had to related with the character so thinking of how I am going to relate it took me a while.

Video Assignments:

5 Seconds of Fame

Inanimate Motion

This is John’s Story

Play It Backward

A Word… A Picture… A Story

Where Do You Want To Go? 


John Brown: Interview


Week 10: Daily Creates


Organizing the Final Unit 














I really enjoyed with creating video and kind of happy with ending of video week. But I’m scared of next week.. What assignments are waiting for me..

John Brown: Interview

Last video assignment for this week! After I completed with the video assignments from Assignment Bank, I had to create an interview show of my character. Among four interview questions video, I chose Maggi’s video and then answered it.

To complete this assignment, I downloaded the interview questions video from Youtube using 4K Video Downloader and then uploaded it on iMovie to edit it. Since I’ve been using iMovie for several assignments, it was easy to put my answers and her questions together.

I used black and white affect on the video, also I pitched down my voice since John Brown is a man. When I first saw the description of this assignment, it seems really hard and would take long time to finish it but it wasn’t that hard to complete it. I loved it! :)

5 Seconds of Fame

Do you know how much John Brown hates to read any books? For this assignment, I decided to show his hate of reading.

The assignment called 5 Seconds of Fame (2 points) was to create 5 seconds video. Since it only has to be 5 seconds, I used Vine to complete this assignment. Before I do this, I had hard time to figure out how should I do this assignment. But after idea, it was really easy and simple assignment.

Before I upload it to Youtube, I opened with iMovie to put title page in front of the video, after that process, I uploaded it to Youtube and then I was going to put background music, but realized that it would be hard to hear the scream so I did not put it.

The last scene is he just gave up with reading and just lied down on the couch to relax.

Inanimate Motion

The assignment called Inanimate Motion (3 points) was to make an inanimate object to move by using power of video. I really wanted to do this assignment so I was keep thinking how I am going to relate to this to John Brown. I realized that it would be great to relate this assignment to his favorite book characters, which are Little Prince and rose. I did not have any figures of them so I printed the images of them and then put them on to the toilet paper tubes.

To do this assignment, I supposed to take photos and then put them together. Instead of doing that, I recorded the movement of Little Prince by pausing recording. After completed recording, I uploaded it to iMovie to put some texts to it. After that, as always, I uploaded it to Youtube and then put background to it.

This is John’s Story

As I worked through the video assignments, I realized that most of the related story of John Brown is that he loves sweet food and he has sweet teeth. So for this assignment, I chose to focus on his past. The days after when his mom and Mark (his step-father) got remarried. The assignment called This is my story (3 points) was perfect for telling the past story of John Brown.

I would not going to tell the story of his past (if I tell you the video I made would be useless). It was easy and fun assignment. I recorded myself with the camera that was attached to my computer and than uploaded to youtube and then put background music to it. Making a video did not take too long, put writing a script too me a while. But it was pretty enjoyable assignment.

Week 10: Daily Creates

This week, I had to complete three daily creates.

03/24/15: A 15 second create Batman


To be honest, I never watched Batman. So I researched a photo of him and drew of him. It took longer than 15 seconds, but less than 2 minutes! It was really fun assignment, also, it made me want to watch some movie about Batman. So after this semester is over, I’m going to watch Batman movie!

03/25/15: Your Own Words of Wisdom Inspirational Poster


03/26/15: Make some tree art!

tree art

To do this last daily create, I found a picture of trees and made some effects to it. It seems not like a monster or anything, but it is different from the original trees and looks like some art! :)

Play It Backward

Did you know that a combination of chocolate and almonds work well? John Brown knew that so he eats these two food together everyday. However, sometimes he gets upset when he see chocolate and almonds are getting smaller and smaller and he thought that he wants to rewind time to when he was about to eat these two.

The assignment called Play It Backward (2 points) reflects his idea. To complete this assignment, I used Vine application and take record every bite of chocolate and almonds. And then, I sent the video to my e-mail and uploaded it with iMovie and reversed it.

It is short video, but I think that it show John Brown’s earnest desire so deeply.

A Word… A Picture… A Story

For this assignment called A Word… A Picture… A Story (3 points) I had to make a story using randomly chosen words. And then, look up a related pictures from Google and put those together into a video.
The words that I chose were:

  1. Brown
  2. love
  3. teeth
  4. sweet
  5. candies
  6. chocolates
  7. gloom
  8. sunny
  9. has
  10. make
  11. to

To make a story, I had to choose some verbs and preposition, so choices of words exceed 10.

The story that I made with these words is ‘Brown has sweet teeth, love(s) chocolate, candies (and) chocolates make gloom to sunny’
As you know, sugar makes people hyper and happy. Since he is always by himself and has no one to talk about his worry and emotions, he started to eat sugary food. After he experienced that his feeling gets better and depression is gone whenever he eats sugar, he could not stop eating sweets. He rely on sweets too much. As result, whenever he is stressful, he eats tones of candies and chocolates. With this eating habits, I’m kind of worry about his health.

Where Do You Want To Go?

All of this week video assignments, they are have to related to my noir character, also I have to complete about 15 points from Assignment Bank. First assignment I chose was Where Do You Want To Go?  (3 points). For this assignment, I was asked to create a video of place where I really want to traveling or often think about where I would go if I had all the money in the world. Since the assignment was related to John Brown, I thought on his point of view and realized that he does not like where there are crowed people and noisy place. From some research of states of America, I found a state called Idaho.

Idaho located in the northwestern region and it is the 14th largest state of United States. This state sometimes called as “Potato States” owing to its popular and widely distributed crop.

As I looked up the photos from google, I found out that they have really pretty natural environment and quiet village so it would be really great to relax and escape from busy daily life. So if I were John Brown, I definitely would like to travel to Idaho and get some fresh air from the nature.

To create this video, I found all the photos from google, and put those together by using iMovie. As I looked through these photos, Idaho became one of the places where I want to visit. It is now on my traveling places list! :)