This assignment was to take any photo of find any object and take a picture of it and create augmented versions of photos with my imagination. I was about to practice clarinet, so I just took a picture of clarinet and thought about what this can be. Most of my thoughts were came from the shape of the clarinet. The first thing came up in my mind was a space rocket. As you know the shape of two objects look similar so I pasted clarinet on the space as background and put the fire underneath so it looks like it’s about to take off from the ground.



Next picture is that clarinet functioning as the knife that is used to play fencing. I was impressed with the fencing games those were held during Olympics. So I immediately could thought of the clarinet as the fencing equipment.

It kind of seems like a person who is holding a clarinet is trying to make a competitor to play instead of attacking him.. :)



Third imagination was clarinet roles as a funnel. The shape of bottom part of the clarinet is same as a funnel. It has big opening and smaller opening at the opposite side. So when you pour liquid into any bottle, it would make you not to spill all over the place.



This assignment took long time to came up with three ideas and make three pictures. But I had really fun time to think differently. When you think little odd way, your imagination can be fun and something really funny stuffs can be came up from you!

ds 106 Assignments: Apophenia (3 and 1/2 points)


What’s in your bag?


This visual assignment was must do assignment. So I looked around my room and found this pouch in my school backpack. I always carry this around with me. Let’s look at closely what I have in this flower pattern pouch.

First, I have a pen and a notebook. Just in case, I might need to write down something important like assignments that professors give out or due day.

Right next to notebook, you can see the yellow box. It’s band-aid. I get paper cut easily so I bring with me. Sometimes I see people who need it, so I just take it out from my pouch.

The pink object is toothbrush cap. I do not know why it’s in there but I think I put it in when I went on trip during winter break after the trip, I did not take it out from the pouch.

As you can see, rest of the objects are make-up things. Since it is winter, my lips dry up quickly. I put immediately on my lips so it does not dry out and see blood on it. As same reason, I bring handcream with me so I can put it on.

It was good time for me to take out some stuffs and clean my pouch. It was kind of heavy for me to carry, and now it’s lighter than before. :)

What’s in your bag?


4 Lines, 5 Dots, 1 Curve

Cup with Straw

The goal of this assignment was to creat a picture with 4 lines, 5 dots and 1 curve. It was hard for me to think of any object that can be drawn with provided information. So I made my mind to draw the first thing I saw when I look around. It was a mug cup with straw in it. The straw needed only 2 lines and 1 dot. I used rest of them to draw a cup. I used 1 big dots to represent the top part of the cup and 2 dots to draw handle on it and 1 curve at the bottom to connet 2 lines in the cup to finish the shape. I drew I dot on the middle of the cup for decoration.

It was really easy and fun assignment but it required some creativity.

4 Lines, 5 Dots, 1 Curve(3 and 1/2 points)


Historical Selfies

Wright Brothers Selfie

The most of the pictures in my phone are the pictures those were taken from the trip in Florida. Among those pictures, it was taken when I was in the airplane on a way back to Virginia. As I looked through the pictures, I immediately thought of Wright Brothers because they were the first airplane inventor.


I cut this image and pasted to the sky view of Miami (below). I did not know any photoshop website or did not download it so I utilized drawing board that was already exist in computer. I pasted them on the bottom of the background, but the up side was kind of seem empty. So I pasted the plane (right) that was invented by Wright Brothers.



Historical Selfies (3 points)

Thoughts about Visuals of Storytelling

These days, I take lots of photos (not selfie). The reason is that my siblings came from Korea about a month ago, so I try to go everywhere to show them. So, I want to leave many pictures I can then I can always look at it and remember what happened those days. I usually take picture of scenery or famous objects (like Washington Monument) and my siblings. They do not want to take picture so I take it secretly. I do not have particular approach to taking picture but I try to avoid shaken pictures. If picture is shaken then it would be not noticiable. I never work to capture a particular feeling or meaning in my photo. I just take photo to leave that moment and bring back that memory.

After I read the resourses those were on the noir 106 website that I love the quote by Ansel Adams “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” So I would just take photos how I feel like when I take picture. Sometimes shaked pictures can give impression to viewers therefore I will going to make strong impressions to my picture so whoever see my picture can get the same feeling as me. Also the video that I watched “Storytelling & Visual Literacy” gave me a lot of informations of photograph by comparing with language. Photography is a language and has grammar. It is grmmar of light and darkness and changing 3 dimension into 2 dimension. Since I’m changing world into something flat, I have to know how it would appear as it is flatten out. I have to recognize different layers inthe photographs in order to achieve something that is clean, simple, and direct, so the viewers can know immediately what I am trying to say through photos.


Second Week Summary

This week was very busy week. I am so proud of myself for finishing the assignments! I personally enjoyed all of the assignments for this week. Almost all of it involved the creativeness. Before I write a character dossier, from the link that posted on the noir106 website helped me to create a character. From this website, called the TVTropes site, I learned that there are many characters and tropes that associated with Film Noir. However, I could thought about the other characters but I never thought that Femme Fetal can be one of the character that associated with Noir. As I create a character dossier, I felt like I was a writer that write fiction. My imaginaion was limited so the name of the character and the bio of John Brown were kind of common. But I enjoyed to make this character and the background of him.

I really loved yodeling assignment from the daily create. I was kind of embarassed, but it was one of the easiest and funniest assignment I had before. Record my voice of yodeling, and upload the file on soundcloud and share it on my blog, it took me less than 5 minutes. I would never forget this assingment.

Among the assignment bank, there was writing assignment called 10 seconds of thanks. I thought that it would be really easy assignment and takes only 10 seconds to finish it, but it was harder than I expected. I could write only 3 senteces in 10 seconds. Also, I could not think of anything except family, friend and health. 10 seconds were kind of short for me to think about all the things and people that I am thankful for.

Creating a picture of a cat playing on syntesizers in space was harder than I thought. Also, it drove me crazy. I had not know how to use photoshop and my computer does not have any kind of program that can help me with the assignment professionally. So I tried to download a program but could not find any free program so I tried to find how I am going to do it. I found a program called paint program and did the assignment. But the problem was I didn’t know how to use it. I tried to cut the pictures of a cat and syntesizer the shape of itself but it did not work. So, it ended up with resize the pictures and put those together on the picture of space. Next day, I figured out how to cut any picture as its shape! It was easier than I thought..


It is kind of not profassional (you can see the white edge from cat and syntesizer) but my photoshop skill got better. :)

This week assingments:

Reflection on readings

The Daily Creates:

Assignment Bank:

Character Dossier



Write an Alternative Ending: The Killers

Ole Andreson was just sitting on his bed and never leave his place. Nick and George went to his place and tried to meet and persuade him to get out of the town, but Ole refuse to meet them. Few weeks later, Nick and George moved out from the town. They did not hear about Ole Andreson. As time goes on, they forgot about two killers and Ole.

After Nick and George visited Ole’s house, Mrs. Bell went back from the market. Her face was pale and her body was shaking as reeds. She met Al and Max on the way back home.

“Hello, Mrs. Bell”  Al waved at her.

“Do you know Ole Andreson?”

“I do not know who he is.” Mrs. Bell knew by intuition that these men are dangerous people.

“By the way, who are you?”

“You don’t need to know who we are. You just need to answer our question honestly. And you do not ask any kind of questions. I’m asking you again. Do you know Ole Andreson?” Max said.

“I…. do not know him.”

” YOU ARE LYING!” Max aimed at Mrs. Bell with a gun.

Mrs. Bell got scared. She was so scared, she could not make any sound or move. She just stood there.

“I’m going to ask you again. Do you know Ole Andreson?” At this time Mrs. Bell heard the sound of preparing to squeeze the trigger.

“I…I know him! He lives at Hirsch’s rooming-house! He does not go outside, he just stay at home!” With quivering lips, Mrs. Bell told everything that she knows.

“Ha ha ha. Tell him that just waiting in the house to be killed. Do not go anywhere or leave the house. Just stay there and waiting us to come.” Al and Max walked up the dark street and disappeared. Mrs. Bell ploped down on the ground and fainted from fear.

After she got home, she just sat on the chair in the kitchen and tried to calm herself down.

“Are you okay Mrs. Bell?” Ole came down from his room and asked Mrs. Bell.

“Huh? Hello… No, no I’m okay. Nothing happened. Aren’t you hungry? I’ll make you support. Just wait a second.” She quickly stood up and went to the sink and prepared for dinner.

“Okay. You don’t need to hurry. I’m not that hungry.” Ole went out from the kitchen and went back to his room. While Mrs. Bell is making food, she could not stop shaking. She wanted to leave the room and never come back. ‘ Yes. This would be last day of coming to this house. I would be die when I meet those man again. The man was aiming the gun at me and tried to kill me if I keep telling him lie. I cannot come to this house and stay with Ole. The men saw my face, they know me.” The foods were ready. She got a rustle on, and leave the house and never came back. Few minute later, Ole went down and went to kitchen. He saw the memo that Mrs. Bell leaved.

‘Dear Mr. Andreson.

Hello, this would be first and last memo that I’m writing to you. I will not able to come back to this house. But before I leave, I think I need to tell you one thing. On the way back home. I met two men who are try to kill you. I mistakenly told where you live. I’m so sorry. They said that they will come to this house and kill you. You need to get out of that place and move to other town! Please be safe.

From Bell.’

Ole Andreson ripped the memo and sat on the chair and eat the foods that Mrs. Bell made.

As time goes on, he became gaunt, and waitng for Al and Max to come. But they never came. His anxiety led him to suffer from an illness of the mind. His illness dragged on and on till he finally passed away.